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ADA Modifications

ADA Modifications
Protect yourself from liability.


Allow Atlantic Southern Paving to evaluate your premises before someone files a law suit. The money saved will help pay for necessary upgrades to ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliant parking spaces, ramps, signage and walkways. It is not always safe to assume that you know what the current ADA requirements are in your area. Federal, state and local municipal ADA requirements can vary greatly. ADA requirements recently changed in one Broward County city between the time the pavement markings were complete and the inspection performed. The work had to be redone to comply with the new code.  Specific ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) rules may vary upon your location, but there are standard regulations outlining the number, size, and location of handicap parking stalls, handicap-accessible ramps up to sidewalks, and the installation of signs indicating handicap parking. We can provide the striping, ramps, and the signs required for compliance.

ADA Ramps:

People in wheelchairs need access to elevated areas and may require the use of a handicap ramp. Atlantic Southern Paving knows how to meet the required specifications necessary for slope and rise, clear width, landings, handrails, edge protection, curb ramps, slip resistance, and more.

ADA Ramps

Detectable Warning Systems:

Detectable warnings, a surface of truncated domes aligned in a square grid pattern and painted in contrast to the adjacent walking surface, shall be included where a curb ramp, landing, or blended transition connects to a crosswalk per federal guidelines.

Detectable Warning Systems

ADA Signage:

Atlantic Southern Paving can provide all the signage necessary to comply with ADA regulations for handicap parking spaces. Signs shall be located at the head or foot of the parking space so as not to interfere with the operation of a side lift or a passenger side transfer per guidelines.

ADA Signage



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