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New Pavement Construction

New Pavement Construction
Plan + Design + Engineering + Installation + Service

Our new construction division specializes in building new parking lots, parking lot additions and roadways. From idea or blueprint to finished surface, we offer all facets of new paving installation. Our crews have the technical expertise to perform these tasks to the standards set by local, state and federal requirements. This expertise allows us to pass inspections the first time so that your project can stay on schedule.


Excavation / Clear and Grub the site:

This is a process in which our grading crews remove all of the vegetation from the new construction site with our professional equipment and haul off to dump site.




Sub Grade:

Our grading crews prepare the new construction site by balancing the sub grade, finish grading the sub grade and compacting the sub grade to a proper density to allow for new base material to be installed. 



Rock Installation

Aggregate Base Installation:

Once the sub grade is complete on the new construction site the aggregate base material is installed at a proper thickness. The aggregate base is graded with a professional motor grader and compacted to a proper density and allow for positive drainage of the water to catch basins.



Moto Grader

Mix and Mill / Pulverization / Full Depth Reclamation Paving Contractor:

Atlantic Southern Paving has a division that specializes in a rehabilitating your parking lot or roadways in the most cost effective way possible through a process of Mix and Mill in place. This is performed on parking lots and roadways that have experienced a significant amount of failures of the existing asphalt (potholes, alligator cracking, brittle or deteriorated asphalt).  We recycle the existing asphalt material in place with the existing base to create a new base in place without have to haul off any of the existing asphalt material thus saving a significant amount of money and new creating a base of a brand new parking lot or roadway.  Once the mix and mill is performed our experienced grading crew will grade and compact to proper density for asphalt paving.






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