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Atlantic Southern Paving & Sealcoating has become a trusted advisor to Stiles Property Management over the years. They are dependable, experienced and an overall great group to work with. We have confidence when we hire Atlantic Southern to do the job! - Chris Rotolo, President of Stiles Property Management

A Trusted Advisor
Stiles Corporation

"It's not just a parking's the Home Depot image. That's why I chose Atlantic Southern Paving. I appreciate working with Atlantic Southern Paving and recommend them highly." Atlantic Southern Paving has and will continue to be a provider of our pavement maintenance & construction services.

Enhancing Home Depot’s Image
Home Depot

As a Commercial Real Estate Manager, sealcoating and striping a parking lot is one of the most difficult projects to undertake. Staging the project with tenants and customers needing access to the property is extremely important as well as having a work crew that is qualified, professional and shows up on time. I have worked with Atlantic Southern Paving & Sealcoating on many of my properties over the years, their pricing is very competitive and I would highly recommend their services to anyone in need of a paving, sealcoating and lot striping company.

Difficult Maintenance Made Easy!

For almost two decades Atlantic Southern Paving has been one of our preferred vendors. They offer professional service with quality and workmanship, and deliver a superior product at competitive pricing." We are happy to recommend the entire team!

For More Than 20 years | Kimco Realty Gets Results
Kimco Realty

It is with great appreciation and respect for Atlantic Southern Paving & Sealcoating that I write this to say "thank you" for all the professional services that you have provided to our many associations. Your teams excellent communication skills, daily operations management and staging have proven that these small and large projects can be run efficiently and not have to encounter disruption within the community. I look forward to many future projects with Atlantic Southern Paving. -Joanne Willoughby, President/CEO Association Services of FL

Excellent Communication

“I had the pleasure of working with Atlantic Southern Paving and Seal Coating on a few projects in the last year, I have found they guarantee their products and services making their customers happy to do business with them and continue to do business with them. The team at Atlantic Southern provides undivided attention to the client at hand” - Association Manager

Guaranteed Results
FirstService Residential

“Atlantic Southern Paving truly understands our needs and delivers a product that exceeds expectations. The professionalism from the staff and crews, and the ability to work around difficult time schedules is why we continue to do business with Atlantic Southern Paving. Their knowledge of parking lot maintenance is exemplary and they deliver on budget and on time. Working with Atlantic Southern Paving at a National level with a Family run atmosphere made doing business a pleasure.”

We Deliver Results at Office Depot!
Office Depot

Having just come out of 2 years of major construction at BayView Corporate Tower at both the north and south ends of our parking garage (at the same time!), the thought of having another disruptive project for our tenants to deal with was most unappealing. But, we were long overdue for new sealing and striping, so we bit the bullet and proceeded. Gordon, Tommy and the entire Atlantic Southern team worked with us from start to finish on every single detail to ensure a smooth job. They stay involved, answered every random question we had, and delivered a stellar project. From start to finish, this team was customer service oriented and never missed a step. And the end result was fabulous! Kudos to Atlantic Southern. - Bunnie Willis, Property Manager

Stayed Involved, Stellar Project
New Boston Fund

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