3 Things To Look For With Asphalt Fort Lauderdale Paving

For any asphalt paving services you need near Fort Lauderdale, there are important factors to keep an eye out for. For one, make sure you choose to work with an experienced asphalt paving company that is knowledgeable about the sort of project you need them for. 

This might mean anything from parking lot maintenance for your commercial property, minor asphalt repairs, fresh sealcoating, or something else entirely. Whatever it may be, it will be important to consider factors like a paving contractor’s experience, history, and policies before hiring them.

You can further explore the three previously mentioned factors below if you’re considering potential asphalt paving contractors below. If you’re ready to request an estimate for asphalt paving in Fort Lauderdale and want to contact one of the top paving companies in Florida directly, be sure to contact Atlantic Southern Paving and Sealcoating today.

3 Factors For Selecting Fort Lauderdale Asphalt Paving Contractors


Any asphalt paving companies with decades of experience will have a full understanding of the best ways to proceed with the asphalt services you need in your type of location, as well as the potential challenges it might have. This can range from asphalt paving to sealcoating, overlays, repair, milling, and more. 

Another thing to remember is that it is best to select a contractor that has an accomplished and proven history of performing the exact services you need. When it comes to high-quality Fort Lauderdale asphalt paving services, the contractor should schedule an on-site visit in order to review the property to examine its condition, grading, and physical characteristics. 

In addition to how many years the asphalt company has under their belt, be sure to research whether or not they regularly perform local services. It’s always better to hire a Fort Lauderdale asphalt paving contractor familiar with the terrain in your area. 


An established asphalt paving contractor should be capable of showing you a long history of successful projects they’ve worked on. You should find out if any of these projects are similar to yours and if they are willing to provide references.

Speaking to references helps give you a more informed idea of what to expect from the company. When reaching out to references, you should ask things like:

  • What sort of asphalt paving services were performed?
  • When was the project done? 
  • Was everything completed on time and on budget? If not, what were the causes of any delays?
  • Was the quality of work worth the price?
  • Would you recommend the company for future projects?


Many asphalt paving contractors in Fort Lauderdale are happy to offer a free estimate for potential services. Determine any key objectives and factors that might affect the quote so that you can be as prepared and informed as possible. 

Lastly, be sure to ask about their payment policies, such as partial or structured payments before, during, and at the project’s completion. The best choice is to find an openly communicative contractor that offers a customer satisfaction guarantee.

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