Asphalt Overlay

Asphalt overlay refers to paving an additional layer of asphalt on top of the existing asphalt layer. A layer of asphalt can be paved over an existing asphalt pavement if it is in good condition, even if the conditions are poor. If your parking lot is in need of an asphalt overlay, call Atlantic Southern Paving today. 800-990-2077

Depending on the extent of cracking, disintegrating, or lower areas, these areas can be removed or patched, and then a new asphalt layer can be laid. Asphalt overlay should not be applied to driveways or parking lots that are constantly fractured, disintegrating and curly, or have plummeting soft spots. The new asphalt layer should be laid over severely damaged asphalt. What is the first step in an Asphalt Overlay? It’s called Tack Coat. A tack coat primer must be applied to the area where asphalt will be laid before you apply an asphalt overlay. This is the glue that bonds the asphalt layer to the asphalt. This step is often skipped by contractors, which can lead to less than satisfactory results.

Thin Asphalt Overlays to Preserve Pavement. Because they can provide improved ride quality and reduce pavement distresses, maintain surface geometry, reduce noise levels, lower life cycle costs, and provide long-lasting service, thin asphalt overlays are a popular option for pavement preservation. This article will provide guidance on how to choose thin overlays, what to look for in a mix, construction, quality control, and the performance benefits you can expect.

Asphalt phases & conditions – After pavement construction, there are three phases of pavement performance. The first phase is when the pavement is in its best state with no or minimal signs of alteration. This is the “Good Condition” phase. The second phase is when the pavement begins to experience some distresses at a moderate level, but it still appears with good performance under acceptable conditions. This is the “Fair condition” phase. Third phase: This is when asphalt has suffered significant distress and is in a poor condition, with major damages. An asphalt overlay should be considered when asphalt’s condition is changing from fair to good, i.e. at the end or the first phase.

You can identify certain aspects on the pavement surface, such as cracks and compaction, but they can still withstand traffic for a while longer, which is not a problem due to poor drainage.

Materials for a Thin Asphalt Overlay

Although the materials used in an asphalt mix for thin asphalt overlay are the same as conventional paving mixes, there are differences due to the requirement to use smaller components. Federal Highway Administration has more information.


When calculating the average cost for an asphalt overlay, it is important to consider the size of your project. The preparation work required to replace asphalt will cost more if it is small. This service is best for driveways or parking lots. The asphalt overlay price usually has a higher built area.

Additionally, cracks in the surface that were present before the contractor began work will reflect back through the overlay process. The type of ground around the project will determine the types of reflections. After the asphalt overlay, it can take several months or years.

The paving contractor may offer a repair service to patch damaged asphalt to prevent reflective cracking. However, the effects of freezing or thawing can often cause cracks to form with the weather.


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While asphalt overlays have a life expectancy of 10-15 years, they are shorter than removal and replacement processes that can last between 15-20 years. However, it is important that you remember that it all depends on the soil type as well as the weather conditions. If your parking lot is in need of an asphalt overlay, call Atlantic Southern Paving today. 800-990-2077

Asphalt Overlay

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