Cold Patch or Hot Mix Asphalt Repair

If you’re a business owner or property management company, you’re probably aware of your options for asphalt paving in Melbourne. More specifically, you are almost certainly aware of asphalt repair.

Though we rarely have to deal with the cold and ice, Florida is well-known for its warm sunshine and heavy storms, two weather elements that do absolutely no favors for asphalt pavement. As asphalt cracks develop and water begins entering the asphalt failures, problems like potholes can begin to form or quickly worsen.

This is especially true for business parking lots in Melbourne that have not been maintaining their asphalt paving investment. Without routine parking lot maintenance, potholes and worse are almost certain to develop. In these situations, many consider what the best method for asphalt repairs is for your property. Here’s a quick look at the two main options.

Cold Patch or Hot Mix Asphalt Repair

Generally speaking, the only two viable options for asphalt repairs are cold patch asphalt repair or hot mix asphalt repair. The first option is a quick and easy fix that can typically be done by the property manager or owner without professional assistance.

It’s also fairly inexpensive and takes minimal work. It’s generally done by pouring pre-mixed asphalt into a pothole or asphalt crack and then packed down tightly. However, cold patch asphalt repair should not be considered a long-term solution. Rather, it is a quick, temporary fix.

Hot mix asphalt repair, on the other hand, actually solves the problem. Professional asphalt paving contractors will excavate the area then fill it with fresh asphalt materials. By doing so, this method actually addresses the problem contributing to the potholes or cracks in the first place while preventing further damage from occurring.

DIY or Professional Asphalt Repair?

It’s generally tempting to consider the cheap and fast option, such as DIY asphalt repairs. However, the main problem with this is that it will cost you more money over time. By contrast, professional asphalt repairs can actually improve the surrounding parking lot or pavement and protect it from further damage.

You should consider only performing DIY projects as something to hold you over until you can schedule an appointment with a professional asphalt paving company in Melbourne. This is the more cost-effective and long-lasting solution that will make the most from your investment.

If you’re looking for one of the top paving companies for asphalt repairs serving Melbourne, consider Atlantic Southern Paving and Sealcoating. Our dedicated asphalt specialists have decades of experience and know how to conquer any setting with high-quality workmanship and skill. Contact paving contractors Melbourne FL for a free quote today!

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