Asphalt Paving Oak Ridge FL

Oak Ridge asphalt paving contractors should be familiar with your project. It doesn’t matter if you need parking lot maintenance or asphalt repair. Before making a decision, consider the company history, policies, and experience. If you are searching for the most trustworthy Asphalt Paving company in Oak Ridge FL look no further than Atlantic Southern Paving!

Below are the three things to look at when selecting an asphalt paving contractor. You can request a quote on asphalt paving in Oak Ridge by contacting Atlantic Southern Paving and Sealcoating today.

Three Factors to Consider when Choosing Asphalt Paving Contractors


Experienced asphalt paving contractors will know the best ways to handle asphalt in your area.

You want to make sure that the company you choose has a long history of providing the service you require. Reputable paving contractors will arrange an on-site inspection to examine the project area and assess the conditions, grading, etc.

Check to see if the company provides services in your area. To ensure an efficient and successful outcome, it is best to hire an asphalt paving company in Oak Ride who is familiar with your local weather conditions.


You will find a long list of projects completed by a quality asphalt paving business. Ask if any similar projects have been completed and if they are able to provide references.

Referring to previous employers can help you get a better understanding of what you can expect. Ask questions when speaking with references such as:

  • What type of asphalt paving services have you used?
  • Which year was it?
  • Did the project get completed on-time and within budget? Were there any valid reasons for the project not being completed on time and within budget?
  • Is the return on investment worth the quality of the work?
  • Would you recommend this company to another company?


Many asphalt paving companies are happy to give you a free estimate. You should be aware of any potential factors that could affect your estimate so you are prepared when you discuss the final project estimate.

It is also important to find out their payment policies, including partial payments before, during, or at the end, for projects. Finally, ask if there is a satisfaction guarantee on the services provided.

Asphalt Paving Oak Ridge FL

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