How To Know If You Need Asphalt Paving or Repair

Finding the right company for asphalt paving in West Palm Beach FL will be important to maintaining the longevity of your pavement surface. In general, asphalt pavement is durable. However, even asphalt surfaces that are well-maintained are still prone to failures. Cracks, potholes, bulges, and other imperfections are all imperfections that need repairing before the fault worsens.

So what’s the best way to go about fixing asphalt failures? Is it possible to repair asphalt without completely replacing the surface? The good news is quick asphalt repairs are possible. Crack sealing and patching are easy and cost-effective asphalt repair options. The bad news is a simple asphalt repair isn’t always the best option. So how do you know when you need an asphalt repair versus asphalt repaving?

Although the thought of paying a hefty expense for repaving asphalt might seem unnerving, it’s important to know how to make the most of your investment. Contacting your West Palm Beach FL  paving contractor will be the best option for learning the benefits associated with all your options. Below you’ll also find a few things to keep in mind when choosing between asphalt repair and new asphalt paving.

What Is Your Budget For Asphalt Services?

Obviously, having the financial means to spend whatever you need to maximize your investment is ideal. We all know that’s rarely how the world works, though. If you’re limited in how much you can spend on asphalt paving, make sure to ask your contractor about budget-friendly options. Asphalt repair is often possible as a quick fix. However, you should remember that you’ll need to address the issue again down the road.

How Serious Is Are The Asphalt Damages?

In some situations, asphalt paving will be the only option. In cases where drainage problems are causing water to collect, there’s little that can be done on the surface. Asphalt milling might be necessary to remove the current layers so that drainage problems can be addressed before resurfacing with new asphalt. New asphalt paving should also be considered for aging asphalt because older pavement becomes weakened beyond repair. Why try to repair old pavement if it simply won’t last beyond a few days or weeks?

Does The Asphalt Have Heavy Traffic?

There’s little point in patching asphalt if there will be so much traffic that the fix doesn’t last. Heavy traffic wears asphalt pavement down quickly and certain faults could be a sign that the asphalt is more damaged than you think. Consider contacting your asphalt paving contractor in West Palm Beach FL to get a professional assessment. This way you can ensure your financial investment gets you the best results.

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