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How many potholes do I avoid on the way into work? Too many to count! It can be frustrating when you forget to weave out of the way and smash the undercarriage of your car on the road. You know where they are but eventually, the potholes always win unless you have some type of asphalt paving maintenance program in place. Now, I’ve parked my car and ready to go into work but it’s still dark. Unfortunately, I misjudged my pothole crater minefield map and stepped deep into a wet one and rolled my ankle, and dropped my coffee. Quite the picture and my goofiness might be at fault but ultimately it falls on the owner of the property to properly maintain their surfaces. Call today if you have any questions about any asphalt paving Weston project.

Walking around these craters and potholes daily when I get to work becomes normal. Seeing disrepair every day but avoiding it borders on neglect and what I refer to as asphalt denial. Your either to busy or don’t want to know what needs to be done. It’s very simple! Call the experts at Atlantic Southern Paving & Sealcoating and they will give you an in-depth explanation of what needs to be done after inspecting your property.

Many businesses and the people who visit them will face these liabilities head on every day. We have some suggestions that will lessen your liability when it comes to your asphalt surface and parking lot maintenance needs.

The first step is to get an estimate for your asphalt paving Weston project. Request that your quote is clearly broken down into the different services for asphalt paving, repairs, seal coating, crack filling, and striping with the costs associated with each service. This allows you to budget accordingly and know it cost for each service.

Next, start you want to start on your paving repairs first. Not fixing potholes will easily do the most damage to a parking lot or private roadway in the shortest amount of time. Potholes and craters cause the most damage to the vehicles that hit them and the pedestrian traffic that traverses through them daily. Typically asphalt repairs take more time and account for a higher portion of the estimate.  Having a set budget figure that is available will let you focus on any asphalt repairs in high traffic areas first such as drive lanes or walking areas then move out to low traffic areas like parking stalls. There is a difference between asphalt repair and asphalt patch. Always repair your craters and potholes, do not patch them!. When you repair the holes in the asphalt surface, they will last well over fifteen years.

Then you want to start getting your cracks filled and seal coating done. This step generally happens after the repairs have been completed. Sealcoating price per square foot is minimal but makes a difference in the longevity of a parking lot surface. When the sealcoating and striping is finished you will have the most beautiful and safest parking lot as well. First impressions are only made once.


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