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Atlantic Southern Paving and Sealcoating specializes in a professional paving Fort Myers FL service.

We do small and large paving Fort Myers FL projects for a variety of commercial locations.

As the premier professional paving Fort Myers FL contractors, we combine over 25 years of paving experience and expertise with our large scale resources to meet any and all paving and asphalt needs with a guaranteed outcome for our clients.


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Paving Fort Myers FL Services


Asphalt Paving

Our paving Fort Myers FL crew performs asphalt paving for commercial locations that vary from school parking lots to hotel or restaurant chains to large department stores and entire shopping centers.

Asphalt Milling

Our team of professional paving Fort Myers FL contractors uses state of the art asphalt milling equipment to ensure the depth of asphalt layers removed is exact and all imprefections in the pavement are smoothed out, preparing it for immediate asphalt repaving.

Asphalt Sealcoating

The paving Fort Myers FL team utilizes asphalt sealcoating as its ultimate solution for the prolonged protection and preservation of all asphalt pavement surfaces.

Asphalt Repair

The necessary asphalt repair service uses asphalt pavement patching, asphalt crack filling, and asphalt pothole filling or repair to help bring any damaged asphalt back to its original, undamaged state.

Asphalt Maintenance

By performing a regular asphalt maintenance our professional paving team keeps asphalt surfaces intact and functional for longer while maintaining its overall appearance and structural integrity. This brings old surfaces back to life and keeps newer ones in good condition for longer.

Atlantic Southern Paving provides the top paving and sealcoating services on both the East and West Florida Coasts.

Call us at 239-234-2155 for more information about our services in Fort Myers FL and neighboring communities.

Atlantic Southern Paving is proud to be able to address all the paving and asphalt needs for Fort Myers FL and the cities nearby that make up the Southwest Florida region. You can read more about the work we have performed in Fort Myers in the articles provided here: Asphalt Fort Myers, FL / Paving Fort Myers, FL. We have worked with such well-known and respected businesses as The Home Depot, Kmart, and Hyatt Place Hotel. View our PROJECT GALLERY to see for yourself why we can so confidently stand by our work and guarantee a great outcome for you and your location.