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Asphalt is durable and reliable for commercial parking lots. Asphalt pavement can be a durable investment if it is done right. While it is true that your business will have to contract with Naples asphalt companies in the event of major asphalt failures, there are preventative maintenance methods that can help you avoid these problems. Asphalt paving contractors offer preventative asphalt maintenance as a common service. It’s cost-effective and keeps your parking lot looking great. Have any questions about the best Naples paving companies? Give Atlantic Southern Paving a call at 1-833-PAVE-ASP. There are some common questions that clients may ask about asphalt maintenance. These are three of the most common questions clients ask about asphalt repairs and maintenance:

How Often is Asphalt Crack Sealing Required?

Cracks can be seen on asphalt surfaces all the time. Cracks will get worse the more people to use them. Worsening asphalt cracks can allow water in which can cause damage to the asphalt sublayers. Most Naples paving companies recommend that asphalt repairs be done at least once per year, including crack seals. This will extend the life of the parking lot.

Asphalt Sealcoating: How Important is it?

Asphalt sealing is an important aspect of asphalt paving. Sealcoating can also improve the appearance and extend the life of your parking lot. Sealcoating asphalt once a year is recommended by Naples’s top paving companies. This preventative measure will help reduce the need for costly asphalt repairs.

Which elements are the most harmful to asphalt parking lots?

It is easy to believe that minor oil or gas leaks in asphalt pavement are not to be worried about. They might not be an eye-sore but what kind of damage can they do? Asphalt pavement is extremely vulnerable to oil and gas leakages. To prevent chemicals from seeping into sublayers and avoid liability, they should be removed quickly.

Our water and the sun are also important elements to be aware of. Naples paving companies can help you determine the best way to prevent or fix drainage problems.

Why choose ASP for Asphalt Paving in Naples

Atlantic Southern Paving and Sealcoating, is a reputable and established asphalt paving company that serves Naples and the rest of Collier County. Our skilled team of technicians has the experience, equipment, and resources to provide all asphalt services. We guarantee high-quality results.

Over nearly 30 years, we have built a solid reputation for providing quality service to our clients. We would be delighted to show you why we are the best choice in Naples paving services. Call us today to arrange an appointment for an on-site visit and receive a free quote for your Naples asphalt project.

Best Naples Paving Companies

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