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As the year progresses, asphalt surfaces need to be maintained. One of the most significant pros to asphalt over concrete is the simple fact that asphalt repair is readily available. If your parking area or property is starting to have visible asphalt issues showing up, it is time to find Boynton Beach asphalt paving contractors that can help.

3 Asphalt Maintenance Tips

Many high-quality asphalt paving contractors in Boynton Beach will offer a paving service. Asphalt paving, resurfacing, and repair are all very useful and can add value to your property. However, if you want the asphalt pavement investment to actually last (and not be asked to pay for constant asphalt repairs in the future) then asphalt maintenance is crucial.

Here are three asphalt maintenance tips that truly can help prolong the pavement’s life.

#1. Consider the Benefits of Asphalt Sealcoating

Asphalt sealcoating is one of the very important resources available to Boynton Beach asphalt paving contractors. The benefits of asphalt sealcoating extend to pavement surfaces mainly in the form of protection. They provide asphalt with a protective layer that can keep out harmful components known to cause issues with the structural integrity of the sublayers, weakening the asphalt over periods of time. In addition, sealcoating asphalt gives pavement a new, fresh appearance that can truly benefit properties.

#2. Fill Potholes with Asphalt Repair

Potholes in parking lots and on roads are much more than a simple issue. Although they do appear as an eyesore, potholes should actually be filled in before they worsen. Not doing so not only makes the pothole deepen, but also causes it to damage other parts of the asphalt once water begins to collect inside of it. Finding asphalt paving contractors in Boynton Beach to repair potholes will help to rid the issue and fix the fault while also improving the driving experience.

#3. Repair Asphalt with Drainage Problems

One of the most harmful elements to asphalt pavement is water. Once water does begin to permeate asphalt layers, the pavement weakens and slowly begins to  wear away its binding. Standing water caused by drainage issues can cause increasing damage that could become unfixable if not handled correctly. Asphalt milling is a great way to remove asphalt layers and fix drainage issues before performing fresh asphalt paving.

Premier Asphalt Paving Contractors in Boynton Beach

Atlantic Southern Paving is proud to be amongst the top paving companies in Florida. We employ a team of expert technicians with a full fleet of up-to-date asphalt paving equipment. If you’re looking for paving contractors in Boynton Beach, give us a call. We will be happy to give you a hand with whatever your asphalt needs are at the high-level of service we have become well-known for.

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Boynton Beach Asphalt Paving


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