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There are many reasons to hire a Broward Paving Company to repair or resurface asphalt parking lot surfaces. Atlantic Southern Paving and Sealcoating are one of the most reputable paving companies in Florida. If you are looking for the best Broward County Paving Company look no further than Atlantic Southern Paving! One chance to make first impressions

Are you ensuring that your parking lot is properly stripped and ADA compliant? Potential customers will walk by your business every day and continue looking for you if they don’t see it. It is important to have a designated parking space near your business that is neat and clean.


A customer who has a difficult first encounter with you could lose them due to a poor appearance in the parking lot. Unsafe conditions can lead to slip and fall injuries, as well as water pooling, cracks, potholes, and cracks. Although your customers might enjoy their experience in the business, they will not return if there is no curb appeal.


Reduce and eliminate trip and fall hazards

Poorly maintained parking lots can make it dangerous for older adults. A neglected parking lot can also cause injury to women in high heels and children. Many people will not park in areas with potholes, as they could be liable for the trip- and fall injuries. It is not worth causing damage to your car, then having to pay a mechanic for costly repairs.


Parking lots that have been neglected and have puddling water, missing markers, and are worn have a higher rate of personal injury lawsuits than those with a well-maintained surface. Parking lot surfaces that are not maintained properly encourage littering, loitering, and other criminal activities. The unsavory traits will soon follow the litter as it builds up. These situations can be resolved, avoiding lawsuits, safety violations, and fines from the state, county, or city.


Commercial Parking Lot: New Construction, Repair, or Resurfacing

It is cheaper to repair a road that needs some maintenance than it is to rebuild a road that is in dire need of repairs. The asphalt parking lot’s most serious problem is water infiltration. Proper drainage is essential to protect your asphalt surface and seal any cracks. Many times, you will need to replace the asphalt surface or complete resurfacing because the damage caused by a weak foundation can quickly erode.


Crack sealing repairs for roads and parking lots

For adhesion and bonding, it is important to prepare cracks and seal them properly. If the cracks are small in size, they can be easily blown out using wire brushing or high-pressure power washing. Sandblasting and high-pressure air are also options. You can prevent air bubbles by applying sealant carefully from the bottom to the top of cracks.

Road and parking lot pothole repairs

After all the debris and other material have been removed from any potholes using high-pressure air, the surface can be laid. To ensure a firm foundation, subgrades must be replaced and compacted.


Finally, the asphalt mix is used to patch holes and is then filled into potholes. Then, a roller compacts the mixture. Call today to speak with a Broward Paving Company.

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