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Reasons to hire a Broward paving company to install, repair, or resurface an asphalt parking lot surface. Atlantic Southern Paving and Sealcoating are one of the premier Florida paving companies in the state. 

First Impressions Can Only Be Made Once

Is your parking lot clearly organized with proper striping and ADA compliance? Many potential customers will pass by your business and if you don’t have a visually appealing environment they will simply keep going. Having dedicated parking close to your business that is clean and neat in appearance is the best way to make the right impression. 

If a customer’s first encounter is awkward you risk losing them from having a shoddy parking lot appearance. Pooling water, potholes, cracks, and general disarray is a recipe for disaster and even opens the doors to liability from slip and fall due to unsafe conditions. Your business might have a pleasant experience inside but if they never make then you have lost a customer by not spending money on your outside curb appeal.

Reduce and Eliminate Trip and Fall Hazards

Elderly people are especially vulnerable to the risk of traversing a poorly maintained parking lot. Women in high heels, children, toddlers are equally susceptible to injury from a neglected parking lot. In addition to the liability of trip and fall hazards, many people will avoid parking lots with notorious potholes. Who wants to damage their car and then have to shell out money to a mechanic for expensive repairs?

Neglected parking lots with that are worn, have puddling water, missing pavement markers, and potholes have a greater rate of personal injury lawsuits versus a well maintained parking lot surface. Moreover, ill-maintained parking lot surfaces welcome and encourage litter, loitering, and other nefarious activities. When the debris starts piling up the unsavory characteristics soon follow suit. Any of these situations can be remedied thus avoiding lawsuits, safety violations, and fines from state, city, or county. 

Commercial Parking Lot New Construction, Repair or Resurfacing 

Every commercial property owner / manager should always keep in mind that it takes fewer funds to fix a good road in need of some maintenance versus reconstructing a bad road in need of lots of maintenance. Water infiltration into the pavement causes the most damage to an asphalt surface parking lot. When you have proper drainage and all of your cracks sealed it will protect and extend the longevity of your asphalt surface. In many cases, a replacement surface or a complete resurfacing is required because repairs made over a faulty foundation will erode quickly.

Road and Parking Lot Crack Sealing Repairs

Preparing cracks and sealing them properly is crucial for bonding and adhesion. When the cracks are smaller in size they can easily be blown out so as to remove all of the loose debris and material with wire brushing, high pressure power wash, sand blasting, and high pressure air. Prevention of air bubbles is done by carefully applying the sealant from the bottom of the crack to the top.

Road and Parking Lot Pot Hole Repairs

Once all of the deteriorated debris and material is removed from any pothole via high pressure air the surface is ready to be laid down. Subgrades will have to be removed and replaced and compacted to have optimum support that is firm. 

At last, the asphalt mix, specifically for patching holes, is then filled into the potholes then compacted with a roller. If you want to contact a top Broward Paving Company, call today.

Broward Paving Company

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