Catch Basin Installation

Finding a company that can do catch basin installation can be a hassle, let Atlantic Southern Paving help you! Catch basin installation in stormwater runoff has become quite popular in residential areas as well as commercial settings. The basin can be designed to be decorative or to serve a practical purpose. It can be made of durable waterproof materials such as sump pump ground concrete and polyethylene to withstand wear and tear from heavy rains and even flash floods. It is also commonly made from flexible corrugated polyethylene to make it easy to install. Many homeowners choose to have catch basins made from post foundations that run the entire length of their backyard. This option eliminates the need to dig too deep into the soil.

Before the installation process begins, the parking lot foundation must be cleared of any loose dirt, grass or debris. Then, concrete is poured into the precast concrete catch basin and attached to the frame with lag screws. Next, a second cast-in-place lid is placed on the basin and securely set at an appropriate height for optimal water drainage. Grates are then installed around the perimeter to hold down concrete. A catch basin cover and grates are then placed on top to protect the grates from damage due to snow or rain.

Parking lot drain blocks are installed next to the catch basin in order to channel the water runoff into the catch basin. For this installation method, concrete is poured around the perimeter of the parking lot to build a strong framework for the drain. Once the framework is in place, grills are installed around the perimeter to channel the runoff away from the parking lot. An air gap is also created between the grill and concrete, which allows some amount of air space to be allowed for water runoff and moisture to dissipate before entering the drain channel. These grills are then secured using lag screws.

There are many advantages to installing catch basins through the use of parking lot drainage systems. Parking lot drainage systems are designed to be very effective at collecting water, but they lack the effectiveness at channeling it properly. Through the use of catch basins, all of the water that would normally pool in the catch basin can be channeled into one convenient location. This eliminates the need for the pooling of excessive amounts of water on a regular basis. The catch basins can even be positioned in areas where drainage systems are not present.

Another advantage of catch basin installation is that it eliminates the need for expensive trenching, as well as the cost of digging and installing piping for septic and sewer line extensions. Trenching is not only inconvenient, it also costs a lot of money. On the other hand, a large trench can be built through the use of parking lot drainage pipes. Once these pipes are installed, the trench will require no further work for years.

If you have a problem with drainage, one of the best things that you can do is to install catch basins in your asphalt parking lots. The cost of asphalt parking lots may make you think twice about this option, but the cost of asphalt parking lots can rise dramatically over time. Asphalt parking lots don’t hold up to the test of time, and they can become an eyesore. When you install catch basins in your asphalt parking lots, you can avoid the costly problem of having to replace the asphalt over time.

Catch Basin Installation

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