Commercial Concrete Contractors

Commercial Concrete Contractors

Specializing in providing commercial concrete services for large scale projects that are required to meet time-sensitive deadlines.

As the premier commercial concrete contractor in South Florida and Southwest Florida we have over 30+ years of experience and large scale resources to finish a complete commercial concrete construction project from beginning to end.


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Commercial Concrete Contractors



Concrete curbing holds back landscaping, prevents vehicles from driving through protected areas, and prevents tree roots from penetrating into the parking lot. There are numerous different types of curbing all which are provided by Atlantic Southern Paving.Some examples are modified D, Extruded, F Curb, Valley and Curb & Gutter.


Concrete walkways for pedestrians are typically 4” thick concrete and are broom finished to be slip resistant. Dirt / grass will first be excavated, sides will be formed out, and concrete will be poured.



Concrete slabs for generators, loading docks, and dumpster pads are installed by pouring 4-8” of concrete with rebar / wire mesh for support.



Steel pipe bollards are used to prevent vehicular traffic from impeding into areas with pedestrians, protect storefronts and any other structure which cars may hit. Bollards are typically 4”, 6”, or 8” in diameter. They stick out of the ground 4’ and the base is poured in concrete and the bollard is also filled with concrete. They can be painted yellow or a plastic cover can be installed over the bollard.


Commercial Concrete Examples

Concrete Parking Lot
Grade Beams
Concrete Sidewalks
Concrete Walkways
Concrete Ramps
Retaining Walls
Concrete Pads and Pits
Concrete Structural Slabs
Concrete Loading Docks
Concrete dock-levelers
Housekeeping and Equipment Pads
Rebar Placement
Concrete Forming
Concrete Demolition
Concrete Saw Cutting

Concrete Repair & New Installation

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Atlantic Southern Paving offers both new installation and removal and replacement of curbing, sidewalks, slabs, bollards, and ramps. Our concrete crews exhibit expert finish work which is the most critical step in the concrete application process. We form, pour and finish new concrete curbing, sidewalks, drains, gutters, dumpster pads, wheel stops, etc. to blend with your new or resurfaced parking lot.