Concrete and Asphalt Repair Boca Raton

Asphalt Repairs

Asphalt is prized for its extreme durability. Because of this, many business owners do not think about maintenancing their pavement until problems have already begun. Sure, this is not ideal but do not worry. ASP provides a variety of asphalt repair Boca Raton services to help get you back in working order.


Crack Sealing

Small cracks may not be as evident or as big of a trip hazard as larger blemishes, but they can still lead to plenty of damage. One of the major advantages of asphalt is how weather and temperature proof it is. This quality begins to degrade as cracks appear. Cracks allow water to settle within the pavement. As temperatures fluctuate, the water will expand and contract. This widens cracks further and, if left unchecked,  can cause damage to the foundations of your parking lot or roads. You should avoid this at all costs, as foundational damage is the hardest to repair. We have an easy solution to prevent these issues. With the efficient and highly trained technicians at ASP, you can have pavement cracks sealed fully in an afternoon! Using a precisely applied rubberized sealant, you will restore the smoothness and water-tightness of your asphalt. 


Pothole Repair

If you have a larger break, such as a pothole, we also have solutions for you. One of the methods we use is infrared asphalt repair. Powerful infrared light is used to quickly bond an asphalt patch to the existing pavement. We will begin by thoroughly cleaning the area of aggregate pieces and broken asphalt. Then the ground will be heated and the area will be cleared of loose aggregate. The use of infrared results in an extremely strong bond that will last for years. 


Concrete Repairs

While your deep black pavement is much more prominent, there are many concrete elements that support and surround your parking lots and roadways. Of course, there are your sidewalks to worry about. Broken sidewalks create a major trip hazard that can really spell trouble for both your wallet and customer satisfaction. This is especially true with so many ADA guidelines in place to regulate public sidewalks. ADA stands for Americans with Disabilities Act and it ensures accessibility for all citizens. We can make sure your existing sidewalks are repaired in accordance with these specifications and all new installs will adhere to each of these benchmarks. 


In addition to sidewalks, we can also help with:

  • Parking Blocks
  • Structural Slabs
  • Grade Beams
  • Concrete Sidewalks
  • Concrete Driveways
  • Concrete Walkways
  • Concrete Ramps
  • Retaining Walls
  • Concrete Printing Pads and Pits
  • Concrete Floor Repairs
  • Concrete Loading Docks
  • Concrete dock-levelers
  • Housekeeping and Equipment Pads
  • Rebar Placement
  • Concrete Forming
  • Concrete Demolition
  • Concrete Saw Cutting


When the integrity of your business depends on it, you will need to work with the absolute best asphalt repair contractors around. Our many happy customers can attest, that contractor is Atlantic Southern Paving and Sealcoating. Contact us today to get started on the repairs you need. 

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Asphalt Repair Boca Raton