Concrete Sidewalk Installation Boca

We’ve all done it. It happens. It happens. You may stumble for a moment, then feel embarrassed and move on to the next day. Sometimes it doesn’t go as planned and you end up hurting more than your pride. Atlantic Southern Paving & Sealcoating can help with any concrete sidewalk repair or installation. If you are looking for the best company for Concrete Sidewalk Installation in Boca Raton, look no further than Atlantic Southern Paving!

Property owners and managers probably cringe at the thought that a tenant, customer, or visitor could get hurt on your property. It’s not because you feel sorry for your fellow man who has suffered an injury but out of fear of being sued.

Facility managers must ensure that concrete curbs and sidewalks are in good condition. It not only prevents these mishaps but also improves the curb appeal of your building.

Get access to your commercial or retail property

To assess the condition of your curbs and sidewalks, take a walk around your building. Are they cracked, uneven, cracked, or broken? Here’s what a paving contractor could do to correct those problems:

Concrete sidewalks that are cracked, damaged, or uneven

Many people think that an uneven sidewalk means a large concrete sidewalk repair job. But it is not. Depending on what type of concrete sidewalk repair is needed, either a complete replacement or a simple repair may be necessary.

Replacing Concrete Sidewalks

Your paving contractor will use the masonry drill to remove any concrete sidewalk slabs that are cracked, sunken, raised, or uneven. The contractor will remove any crumbled concrete and then level the area.

The uneven concrete could be caused by a nearby tree. Whatever the reason, the paving company will likely use a form to mold the concrete into the desired slab shape and then pour concrete into the area.

The concrete sections that are still wet will be leveled with a trowel. This will ensure that the connecting sections are perfectly flush. The form will be removed once it is dry and the sidewalk will reopen for pedestrian traffic.

Concrete Sidewalks Can Be Repaired

Mud jacking is a method that can repair concrete damage that isn’t too severe. This method involves drilling holes in the slab, then injecting a grout mixture into these holes to level the slab. The entire process is quick and can be done in a day. Regular concrete sidewalk use can then resume after the grout mixture has dried. This type of concrete sidewalk repair has another benefit: it is much less expensive than tearing out and replacing.

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Concrete Sidewalk Installation Boca

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