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A professional Delray Beach paver company is the best option to keep your asphalt surfaces in good shape. Because of its durability and flexibility, asphalt is the most popular material to pave surfaces. Asphalt is strong but asphalt requires maintenance to ensure its durability. Asphalt surfaces should be maintained when possible. This can cause more damage and increase asphalt repair costs. Continue reading to learn about common asphalt maintenance issues. Contact Atlantic Southern Paving and Sealcoating if you have any questions regarding the best Delray Beach Paving Contractors.

A Delray Beach paving firm can address common asphalt problems such as graying and oxidation. Asphalt surfaces must withstand a variety of extremely dangerous elements.

These include water, traffic, gasoline, oil, and ultraviolet sunlight. As asphalt pavement ages, all of these environmental hazards can cause more damage.

The asphalt surface can turn grey over time. This is an indication that the asphalt surface is experiencing oxidation. The surface becomes more dry and brittle as it experiences more oxidation. Cracks that allow water to penetrate asphalt surfaces can form when they are very dry.

If graying and oxidation aren’t addressed promptly, they can lead to further damage that could affect the asphalt pavement’s subbase. A Delray Beach paving company is able to perform maintenance that will prevent further oxidation or decay.

Asphalt Pavement Raveling

Raveling occurs when asphalt’s binder begins to degrade. Asphalt materials that are beginning to deteriorate will eventually cause pieces of asphalt to become loose and eventually fall off the pavement. As the raveling continues, asphalt pavement will become thinner.

If the asphalt pieces are broken off, this can lead to costly repairs. This opening will allow water or other substances to enter the base material.

Asphalt Cracks

A paving company in Delray Beach is able to help with linear asphalt cracks. Small cracks may form as asphalt ages. These cracks may appear small at first but they will continue to grow over time. Small and large asphalt cracks may allow moisture and water to seep through.

Asphalt cracks may also develop from the asphalt’s natural expansion and contraction throughout the day. Before repairs such as asphalt crack sealing are possible, cracks should be cleared of dirt and debris.

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Delray Beach Paving Contractors