Emergency West Palm Beach Paving Solutions

Florida Is known worldwide as a beachy, ever-sunny paradise. And while this is mostly true real Floridians know that we are also subject to some pretty extreme weather conditions. Atlantic Southern Paving has been providing emergency West Palm Beach paving solutions for over 25 years. We know firsthand the difficulty a severe Florida storm can cause for commercial businesses. Our responsive and professional team provides a host of specialty paving services to help Florida businesses get back up and operational in the wake of a disaster. 


Sidewalk Repair

A cracked sidewalk is a real hindrance to both the appearance and functionality of your business. Atlantic Southern Paving works hard to strike the perfect balance between durability and aesthetics when installing or repairing sidewalks. We will make sure to pay attention to the existing appearance of your concrete work to make sure any repairs blend flawlessly and do not pull focus. We follow all state and federal regulations including ADA compliance requirements. After a disaster, making sure your business is accessible as quickly as possible is of utmost importance. We will work quickly and thoroughly to ensure the problem is fixed not just for the time being, but for years to come. 


Infrared Asphalt Repair and Crack Sealing

Florida’s daily rainstorms and extreme heat can already take a toll on asphalt, and a hurricane can exacerbate this problem immensely. We offer multiple West Palm Beach paving repair solutions to combat this and avoid a complete overhaul of your parking lot when possible. 

Infrared repair is a great asphalt spot treatment that utilizes infrared light. First, infrared is used to help heat and break apart broken asphalt so that the affected area can be completely cleared and graded. We then use hot mix asphalt to repair the area and level it perfectly to match up with your existing pavement. Infrared is then used again to cure the patch and ensure maximum bonding and strength.

Crack sealing is another restoration service that is used to mend fissures in your parking lot. Cracks can form from water, temperature, and mechanical damage or a combination off all three. We carefully clean all cracks before applying an industrial grade sealing rubber. This process will smooth out the surface of your pavement and prevent further damage with a weatherproof and waterproof seal to protect your foundation. 


Emergency Disaster Restoration Service

In the wake of a disaster, Atlantic Southern Paving is happy to use our knowledge and industrial equipment to go beyond paving and help put your property back in working order. Our emergency disaster restoration service includes the removal of felled trees, signage restoration, and debris clearing. Making sure your parking lot is safe for customers is just as important in the wake of a storm, if not more important. It is also a generally dangerous job best left to professionals, as hidden dangers such as felled electrical lines or heavy rubbish can be a huge risk to yourself and your employees.  


Don’t let Florida’s unpredictable weather grind your business to a halt. Atlantic Southern Paving and Sealcoating is the premier Florida commercial paving repair service, with a knowledgeable team of technicians on call. When you need it most Atlantic Southern will be there, bringing the same level of professionalism and craftsmanship even in the most hectic of times. Call us at 954-518-4315 or contact us via the web to schedule a maintenance visit today! 

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Emergency West Palm Beach Paving