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Atlantic Southern Paving & Sealcoating is the number one choice when it comes to Florida Asphalt Contractors. Asphalt is among the most affordable paving materials for roads and parking lots, asphalt has been the top choice for many Florida asphalt paving contractors because it has many advantages over other paving surface materials like concrete. There are a plethora of asphalt solutions for parking lots and private roads that can greatly be useful in dealing with high volume traffic demands.

The core advantage of asphalt starts with its durability and economic feasibility. In many asphalt project installations asphalt is almost forty percent cheaper than concrete. Cost is an important factor in any asphalt paving project along with being able to meet the time demands to adhere to a client’s budget.

Generally, the application of a new asphalt surface only takes one to two working days to complete whereas concrete takes several days longer. There is also a big difference in the time of usability of asphalt and concrete after a paving project has been completed. Asphalt paving can already be used after two to four days depending on the time of year when the paving is applied, for example, it cures or hardens faster in the spring and fall and takes longer in the summer as the summer heat causes it to melt, while concrete paving may only be used after 7 days after it is installed. Concrete may take less time to harden if a high early mix which is quite expensive when compared to any asphalt surface.

General road maintenance for your asphalt surface is crucial so that you can lengthen the life of the road surface that is why most paving contractors prefer asphalt over concrete. When you need to repair and maintain asphalt it can be easily opened and can be placed back quickly thereby the flow of traffic is not affected for more than a day or two. It is also significantly cheaper in contrast to the cost of the material used in concrete to repair and maintain which is considerably higher when compared to asphalt.

When it comes to spalling, asphalt unlike concrete does not flake on the surface. The flaking of the concrete is primarily caused by the improper set up of the material, too much water that is mixed in the concrete, and the salt that is added to it causes imperfections that will last for the life of a concrete surface.

Cracking is also a big issue for paving contractors. While concrete needs central joints to prevent it from cracking, asphalt is highly flexible which means that the pavement is less likely to split up or break. Also, asphalt is one hundred percent recyclable by implementing asphalt instead of concrete it will preserve non-renewable natural resources in a more eco-friendly manner.

Noise both on the inside and outside of the vehicle can be greatly reduced when the asphalt is used for paving. In fact, among all the traditional road surfaces asphalt roads have been proven to have the lowest noise level. What’s more, the recent development of porous asphalts has reduced the noise level even further making asphalt the optimal choice when it comes to paving solutions in Florida.

Paving contractors have favored the use of asphalt for many years for a variety of reasons which include its higher level of skid resistance and versatility that have all been proven to contribute to the safety of our roads. And with the continuing improvements in asphalt paving, it will remain the material of choice of many paving contractors for the years to come.

Florida Asphalt Contractors

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