5 Questions To Ask Florida Paving Contractors

Many people find hiring Florida paving contractors that are best suited for their project difficult. Asphalt paving isn’t exactly common knowledge or well understood by anyone outside that industry.

Commercial projects that require asphalt paving also aren’t small or low-cost jobs. Commercial asphalt paving services can be fairly considerable investments and should never be taken lightly.

That doesn’t, however, mean you can’t be confident in finding the best Florida paving contractors to fulfill your service needs. By asking the top paving companies on your list a few simple questions, you can figure out which are giving you high-quality bids.

Before you sign a contract for asphalt paving, be sure to ask the following questions. This will help build your confidence and reveal which paving company makes the most sense for your project.

5 Questions To Ask Potential Paving Contractors

How many years of experience do you have in asphalt paving?

The top paving companies didn’t grow into their success overnight. They worked hard, developed relationships with clients, and delivered satisfactory results again and again.

Their asphalt paving experience will be a huge benefit in tackling your project as they will be able to understand the best way to tackle the job. It will also make it easier to contract their services in the future for asphalt repairs or maintenance.

What do you see as the most important aspects to this project?

Understanding the aspects of your project will go a long way for how your project is completed. It will also guarantee that you are getting the most from your investment rather than being overcharged for unnecessary elements.

Find out what the Florida paving contractors believe is necessary first. Then discuss what would be helpful, but not essential for completing it. This will help keep the project within your budget and reveal any special criteria you might not have known about.

What other projects have you completed near here?

Florida paving contractors can be used for a variety of commercial asphalt services. One easy way to determine which to choose is to find the ones who have loads of experience similar to what you need.

This will also give you the chance to view their projects and determine if you like what the end result looks like.

Are there any fees not listed in the initial bid that could come up later?

This question can be very revealing and is one you should ask any contractor. This, too, will help keep the project under budget.

Also, it will let you know if one paving company is more forthright or dishonest than another. Make sure to get a good understanding of the equipment, materials, and resources they use, too. This will prevent sudden “additional costs” halfway in.

Can you explain how the entire process will proceed?

Any established paving company will have worked out a method for tackling new projects. Florida paving contractors should be able to communicate this to you in a way that you can understand.

Start with who you will communicate with, if they designate a project manager, and if they are willing to work around your schedule. Also, ask for a free estimate for the cost and timeframe regarding the project along with what guarantees they give.

If you would like to speak to us about your paving project, be sure to contact ASP. We are happy to answer any questions you might have to help make your choice easier.

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