Fort Lauderdale Asphalt Renewal Services

The time may come when your asphalt has seen better days. The issue may be purely aesthetic, but broken pavement can also be a major safety hazard. If you find yourself searching for Fort Lauderdale asphalt experts to help spruce up your pavement, Atlantic Southern Paving is the company to turn to. We specialize in commercial asphalt services. There is no job too big or complex for our technicians and heavy-duty industrial machinery. Take a look at some of the services we offer and recommend when you are looking to refresh your parking lot or roadways.  




Sealcoating is a process which, as you may infer, coats the entire asphalt surface with a tar-black, water-tight seal. The substance which is expertly applied over the surface of your pavement will fill small cracks and holes. This creates a smooth looking finish that still has grip and is perfectly safe for automobiles and pedestrians. If seal coating is done regularly on new pavement, you can preserve the pristine condition for many years to come. However, if seal coating is not done, larger cracks and potholes may form. These deeper blemishes may need a slightly more intensive repair solution. 



Sometimes damage to your asphalt is too extensive to simply be filled in. Milling allows us to remove layers of pavement and with it, the imperfections. This is done using rotating drums covered in metal teeth which remove pavement to a specific depth. We are able to control exactly how much blacktop is removed, preserving whatever has not been broken. 


Your milled pavement is cleared to drive on right away. However, if appearances are important we recommend a seal coat as well. Milling will leave numerous completely safe yet visible grooves in your asphalt and some prefer a smoother, darker finish. 


New Pavement Installation


Sometimes, the damage will have made its way all the way to the foundation. If your foundation is compromised, the safety of your entire lot or street is compromised. At this point, we must start again from scratch to restore integrity and bring the project back up to code. Our industry-leading experts, manning advanced equipment, will make sure to do this is the safest and most complete way. We will also keep a time frame in mind to ensure that your business or community is disrupted as little as possible. When you need a large-scale Fort Lauderdale asphalt overhaul, there is no one more experienced than ASP. But we are not limited to only repaving preexisting structures.   


We can repave existing parking lots and streets or install completely new routes where there previously was none. Many new developments have counted on Atlantic Southern to help them design and install completely new pavement. We have worked on projects like sprawling gated communities and large shopping centers. This gives us unique experience in understanding how to design on a commercial scale and ensure the maximum functionality of your paving. 

If you are looking for paving services in Florida, including Fort Lauderdale asphalt renewal and maintenance, you can call 1-833-PAVE-ASP. For national solutions, reach us at 1-800-990-2077. Let Atlantic Southern Paving do what we do best and breathe new life into your property with pristine pavement. 

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