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There are many things that can lead to the degradation of your asphalt pavement and sidewalks. Daily foot traffic and weather exposure can certainly put a slow strain on your asphalt and concrete structures. You may also experience a local disaster that quickly creates cracks and furrows. No matter the reason Atlantic Southern Paving has a solution.  Our team can provide commercial Fort Lauderdale pavement repair to make sure that your always and roadways are a reflection of the care and effort you put into your business and property. Take a look at some of the services we provide below. 


Pavement Repair

Atlantic Southern Paving has a variety of pavement repair options to keep your roadways or parking lot looking pristine. Asphalt is generally very durable. But over time, problems are bound to arise. For small cracks, we recommend sealing with our specialized rubber sealant. This smooths the crack while waterproofing it. Having a waterproof pavement is so important to maintaining the integrity of your foundation. If you have larger blemishes on site, such as potholes, we may then suggest infrared asphalt repair. This process utilizes powerful infrared light to securely bond your asphalt patch to your existing pavement. If the damage is widespread and quite extensive, asphalt milling may be the option for you. Milling involves removing layers of asphalt to level down to an even surface. Our heavy-duty equipment makes quick work of torn up pavement and you will be left with a drivable surface immediately. 


Sidewalk Repair 

Atlantic Southern paving does not just work with asphalt but is also a top sidewalk install and repair contractor. We have worked on a variety of large scale projects, including gated communities and shopping centers, to design and install new sidewalks. We take care that every new sidewalk is installed properly to ensure longevity and a cohesive appearance. 

Sidewalks are subject to enormous amounts of daily wear and weather exposure. It is only natural that, eventually, there will be cracks and blemishes to deal with. Our experts can repair your walkways to remove trip hazards and restore the ADA compliance of your property. ADA compliance is based on the regulations set forth by the US government in the Americans with Disabilities Act. This means that all sidewalk installs and repairs must be done to certain specifications. Atlantic Southern Paving is the go-to when it comes to durable, even, aesthetically pleasing sidewalks. 


Emergency Services

As any Floridian knows, a hurricane or tropical storm can leave your property in total disarray. Clearing away the damage can take hours, days, or even weeks. This disrupts your everyday operations and can cause major revenue loss. Not to mention, hidden hazards can make the job of cleaning up after a storm quite dangerous. That is why Atlantic Southern Paving provides disaster restoration services. We have the knowledge and heavy-duty equipment to help you deal with common problems such as felled trees or branches and architectural debris safely. We will provide parking and walkway access so you can resume serving your customers or residents as quickly as possible. 


If you are experiencing any of the asphalt or concrete problems mentioned above, it may seem overwhelming. But know that there are professionals who can easily handle your commercial Fort Lauderdale pavement repair needs. Contact Atlantic Southern Paving to restore your sidewalks, private roads, and parking lots to their full potential. 

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Fort Lauderdale Pavement Repair