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Are you looking for Orlando asphalt contractors that can provide reliable parking lot maintenance and Asphalt repair services? Asphalt pavement is known for being durable, long-lasting, and strong but it does require routine maintenance by the property manager or business owner.

Asphalt pavement that is older and more frequently used will deteriorate faster, become more brittle, and be more susceptible to asphalt failures such as potholes, drainage problems, alligator cracking, etc.

The asphalt can be irreparably damaged without proper parking lot maintenance and periodic assessments by quality asphalt contractors in Orlando (or anywhere else for that matter) and it can become extremely costly to restore to its original form.

Below are some common problems that property managers should be aware of in order to understand why hiring Orlando asphalt contractors is so important. To learn more about Atlantic Southern Paving and Sealcoating , or if you are looking for the best Orlando asphalt paving company, please contact us.

Orlando Asphalt Contractors to Hire

Asphalt pavement, like many other construction materials, slowly erodes with time. You can prevent this erosion from happening and ensure your property looks great.

Outdoor elements such as water, ice and the harmful UV rays of constant sunlight can get into even the smallest cracks and loose areas. Even after the asphalt paving process has been completed or a new asphalt overlay is applied, this is still true.

Other harmful chemical elements can also cause permanent damage to binders and degrade them, weakening the bonds that hold aggregates such as gravel and sand together. This is in addition to the dangers of constant traffic and how much damage an area like a parking garage can take every day – or even for years.

These harmful elements start to wear down asphalt. Cracks start to form. Potholes are created when pieces chip away. Potholes become plugged with water, which causes the water to pool and penetrate lower sublayers. This eventually leads to larger potholes that appear overnight.

What can asphalt contractors Orlando do to stop this from getting worse?

Different types of asphalt treatment

There are many options for modern commercial asphalt services. Our Orlando asphalt paving contractors can help with the following types of treatments:

Each one of these services can be used to increase the safety and appearance of your property as well as the durability of your asphalt pavement.

Do not wait to find out if you are stuck paying for asphalt services that could have been avoided. Atlantic Southern Paving can be reached at 407-502-0040 for more information.

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