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Common Asphalt Problems A Orlando Asphalt Paving Company Can Solve.

Have you considered hiring a Orlando Asphalt Paving Company but are unsure if you should? Asphalt is an extremely common construction material because of its durability and appearance. Nevertheless, asphalt is prone to deterioration that causes structural and cosmetic issues.

Continue reading below to learn some of the most common problems and solutions that a professional paving company can assist you with. It is essential that you never leave your property’s asphalt surfaces in just anyone’s hands.

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Linear Asphalt Cracks

It is not uncommon for cracks to form in asphalt pavement as it ages. Asphalt cracks are either transverse or longitudinal and are caused by the natural expansion and contraction of the asphalt.
If not properly addressed, the cracks can continue to grow. The more cracks present, the more likely that water will seep into the subbase.

An Orlando Asphalt Paving Company can perform repairs on the cracks as soon as they appear. They begin by extensively cleaning out dirt and debris from the cracks.
Repairing linear asphalt cracks can stop water from penetrating and help stop cracks from growing. It is important to remember that asphalt sealcoating early on can prevent cracks from occurring.

Asphalt Raveling
Asphalt raveling is a common problem that occurs with asphalt pavement. A component of asphalt pavement is a binder that can be thought of as a glue. The binder holds together sand particles and stone that makes up the asphalt. Over time, the binder can begin to deteriorate in a process known as raveling. When raveling is present pieces of aggregate will begin to loosen and break apart from the asphalt pavement. The longer raveling is allowed to go on, the asphalt pavement will continue to get thinner and weaker. A good indicator of raveling is if the pavement appears rough as more pieces separate allowing water to penetrate the pavement.

Vegetation Growth
Neglecting to repair cracks, gaps, and joints in the asphalt can make it easier for plants to grow. Weeds, grass, other plants, and even trees have been known to grow through cracks. The roots of the plants cause severe damage to the subbase of the asphalt if they are not quickly removed.  If the base materials are allowed to be eroded by vegetation growth, it could end up costing you thousands in repairs. Simply addressing small cracks before they get to this stage is essential.

Hire A Orlando Asphalt Paving Company
All of the asphalt problems mentioned above can be addressed and prevented by working with a knowledgeable Orlando Asphalt Paving Company. Atlantic Southern Paving and Sealcoating has been providing asphalt paving services in South Florida and across the country for over two decades.

We are proud of our track record for timely success when it comes to asphalt paving, repair, and maintenance. Please contact us today with any questions you may have about your next asphalt paving project or to schedule a service appointment with us soon.


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