Parking Lot Maintenance Services

Have you ever hit a pothole so hard that you were SURE your tire was busted? Or maybe you have actually gotten a flat tire from a pothole. We understand that feeling, and it isn’t a pleasant one. That is why parking lots should be taken care of and protected by a professional that provides parking lot maintenance services.

No parking lot should be a poor reflection of the business or company it surrounds. If you are responsible for maintaining your parking lot and just now realizing that, yeah, maybe it is time to give it a facelift, then give us a call! Our parking lot maintenance services are ideal for all size commercial locations throughout South Florida. Continue reading to find out why we continue to be the number one choice on both the East and West Coast. Or you can visit our service page for a even more information here: ASP’s Parking Lot Maintenance.

Parking Lot Maintenance Services | What We Do

The equipment we have available for each of our parking lot maintenance services is diverse enough to take on jobs big and small. One of the greatest benefits of protecting and maintaining parking lots is how long it lasts.

Just think about how much a commercial parking lot goes through in a single day. Well, with our services these same lots can remain protected and like new for as long as twenty years. This saves anyone responsible for a parking lot money and time. Plus, it keeps those using the parking lot safer and more comfortable.

Our parking lot maintenance services are divided into these six categories:

  • Paving & Milling
  • Striping & Marking
  • Protecting & Sealcoating
  • ADA Compliance
  • Sign Installation (Stop, Handicap, One Way, etc.)
  • Commercial Concrete (Curbing, Sidewalks, Car Stops)

Our Step By Step Timeline

  1. Assess
    • The first step is to come to your location and make an assessment of the current conditions of your location. We take a look at all of the pavement and concrete surrounding your area and then decide what we think is the most efficient and cost-effective plan to complete the job.
  2. Propose
    • The second step is to create a proposal for the plan we developed while assessing your location. The proposal will include our estimated cost, timeframe, and the various work we believe is necessary to make your parking lot meet both yours and our standards.
  3. Consult
    • The third step is to schedule a consultation where we can come and meet you face to face and go over our proposal together. This is the step where you can ask us any questions that you might have in regard to our services and begin developing the most convenient time frame to do our work in.
  4. Schedule
    • The fourth step is adding you to our schedule during the time we agreed upon. Once the papers are signed and everyone is in agreement, your project will be handed over to a project manager. The project manager will actually be the one that oversees the work and acts as your primary contact.
  5. Execute
    • The last step, of course, is to begin working. Our team of professional paving contractors will be punctual and work on your site during the times agreed on. We also guarantee to finish the job on or before schedule and that each of our team members acts with professionalism and gives your property the respect that it deserves.

Parking Lot Maintenance Services | About Us

Atlantic Southern Paving is a South Florida professional paving company that has an office in Fort Myers and one in Sunrise. We have been operating for over 25 years and are proud to be a family-owned and operated company. Please CONTACT US if you are interested in receiving a free estimate or if you are ready to move forward with an appointment.

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Parking Lot Maintenance Services