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There are some places that people just take for granted. It isn’t until you run out of sidewalk that you realize just how little you think about how many different places sidewalks run alongside. The same thing goes for parking lots. It takes entering a bumpy, uncomfortable parking area to truly realize that these things are legitimately maintained and serviced over time. They are far from invincible and need protection, much like any other surface constantly exposed to the extremes of outdoor elements. To fix these problems, you’ll need an experienced team that provides a full selection of parking lot services.

Finding a competent professional asphalt contractor that provides parking lot services for a fair price is essential for anyone in charge of a commercial parking location. So, whether you are a property manager, business owner, or simply looking how to fix up a commercial parking lot, come see us. For a more investigative look into our parking lot services or related commercial asphalt services, visit our website. You can access it by following the link provided here: Atlantic Southern Paving & Sealcoating.

Parking Lot Services | Common Projects

There are a few more common areas that our projects typically deal with. For some parking lots, it is time for a complete asphalt milling and asphalt repaving. Others, however, have simply lost some of their aesthetic looking features and need a new protecting sealcoating layer or fresh parking lot striping.

Fortunately, our parking lot services cover all of these areas. And we don’t just stop at the pavement. We also help to repair surrounding sidewalks, install new curbing and car stops, and even help with signage. You can find a list of the more common parking lot projects we take on below:

Parking Lot Services | The Process

There is a fairly simple process that we employ each time we take on a new commercial parking lot maintenance or repair project.

  1. To begin, we assess the current state of your parking lot.
  2. Second, we develop a plan and create a proposal that includes our plan of action and cost estimate.
  3. Next, we consult with you in person and explain everything in detail.
  4. Fourth, we schedule your project and assign it to an experienced project manager that oversees the work and acts as your primary contact.
  5. Finally, we execute our plan and complete your project in the allotted time frame or soon, guaranteeing that you will be satisfied with the end results.

Parking Lot Services | About Us

Atlantic Southern Paving is a professional team of commercial asphalt contractors. We have a location in Fort Myers, FL and a location in Sunrise, FL. Our top of the line equipment and collective know-how enables us to effectively complete jobs of any size, from whole shopping centers to small business parking lots. For more information about us or if you have additional questions CONTACT US.

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Parking Lot Services