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Atlantic Southern Paving Company is one of the leading Full Service Paving Companies Orlando FL for a reason. We have a fleet of top quality paving equipment and our expert paving technicians are knowledgeable in all aspects of asphalt and concrete preparation and pouring. Take a look at the extensive services we offer to our Floridian and national neighbors. 

Asphalt Services 

Atlantic Southern Paving Company is your asphalt expert! We offer a variety of asphalt services from new pours to on-going maintenance. 

-Asphalt Paving

We utilize a hot mix asphalt process. This results in a very durable and smooth finished product. Maintenance costs will be greatly reduced compared to when using other methods as hot mixed asphalt is extremely weather-resistant. 

-Site Development and Maintenance

Atlantic Southern Paving Company is comfortable jumping in on the ground level of projects of any size. We work within your budget and develop the perfect paving blueprint for new sites including large scale projects like HOA communities and shopping centers. Special attention is paid to ensure a graded and leveled foundation, a crucial element for any new development. Once the project is completed to our standards and your satisfaction, we create an on-going maintenance plan to ensure smooth sailing for all of your residents and customers. 

-Asphalt Milling and Repairs

No matter who originally poured your asphalt, Atlantic Southern Paving is always on hand to repair your driveway or parking lot. We begin with a process called milling, which removes the top layer of asphalt at a specified thickness. This removes major cracks and imperfections so that we can easily address any sub-base issues and repair your asphalt to perfection. 

-Asphalt Sealcoating 

To even further extended your asphalt’s durability and the time between maintenance, Atlantic Southern Paving offers seal coating. This process improves the appearance of your asphalt while protecting it from sun, water, oil, and gas damage. Seal coating also prevents the smoothing of asphalt particles. This preserves texture and creates a safer, non-slip surface for drivers. 


Concrete Services

-Concrete Curbing

We can pour concrete curbs that can help preserve your asphalt as well. Curbing keeps landscaping and tree roots from spilling over and slowly breaking down or cracking your paving. We can provide any type of curb to best fit your property’s layout and needs. 

-Concrete Sidewalks

We will expertly prepare the area to clear it of dirt, foliage, and debris before pouring a sidewalk customized to the width and thickness specifications needed for your applications. We broom finish all of our sidewalks to ensure a safe walking surface for pedestrians. 

 -Concrete Support Slabs

A concrete support slab is useful to help prevent sinkage or damage underneath a large or heavy object such as a generator or dumpster. We inlay rebar or mesh wire withing concreate ranging from 4’’-8’’ in order to provide strength and longevity. 

-Concrete Based Bollards

Bollards are metal cylinders filled with concrete which protrude from a concrete base. They can be painted or plastic capped and serve to help direct the flow of traffic or restrict access to certain areas of your property. 

ADA Compliant Parking Lot Striping

Parking lot stripping is often not thought of when talking about asphalt pouring. However, it is arguably the most important step as it transforms a vast slab of asphalt into a usable and safe parking lot. It provides clear direction to drivers making navigation possible and decreasing confusion and, therefore, accidents. Atlantic Southern Paving also adheres strictly to state and federal regulations for ADA compliance on all striping jobs. This ensures you are legally covered and able to properly serve all members of your community. 


If you are in the market for full service paving companies Orlando FL, go with the experts that have served Florida and beyond for over 25 years! No matter your paving needs, Atlantic Southern will approach your job with the same core value established by our founders, the Curry family. This value is dedication to our customers and their absolute satisfaction. View our portfolio of paving work or contact us today! 

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Paving Companies Orlando FL