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Whether you need asphalt paving to revitalize a business parking lot, repave a residential community, or some other commercial project, you’ll need to find professional help and Atlantic Southern Paving is here for you! And if you want a good experience with high-quality results, you’ll need to determine which of the Paving Companies Weston are the best contractor for your project. Here are four questions you need to ask paving contractors before hiring them.

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At Atlantic Southern Paving and Sealcoating, our customers come first. We strive for excellence in everything we do and have become regarded as one of the top paving companies in Florida. We expertly perform asphalt paving, sealcoating, commercial concrete, repairs, milling, maintenance, and parking lots services for business owners and property management groups.

We have proudly been serving the state of Florida for over 25 years and have since gained a trusted reputation among clients and paving companies in Weston alike.

Do you only offer asphalt services?

If you’re looking for Paving Companies Weston, chances are you are in need of asphalt repair or paving. However, it can be useful to find a contractor that performs more than just these two services. For example, sealcoating asphalt protects the pavement and ensures your investment lasts. A paving company offering sealcoating or concrete services has more industry knowledge, equipment, and resources available along with the insight to know how to make the most of your project.

What aspects of the project are essential?

Once you feel comfortable about the contractors you’ve selected, start discussing the project details more in-depth. Find out what they believe are the most important aspects of the job and if there are any unique challenges that could be a problem. You should be able to feel confident that they are handling your project properly and have any concerns regarding surprise costs alleviated.

What references can you give me?

Another important factor for selecting paving contractors will be their project history. Make sure you ask for references from some of their previous customers. This way you can talk with people unassociated with the company about what to expect from working with them. Also, don’t forget to look into their reviews and testimonials.

How long has the company been operating?

When you’re looking at asphalt paving companies in Weston (or anywhere for that matter), make sure you find contractors that have a long history of success. They should have multiple years of industry experience and amassed a long list of satisfied clients. This will help to guarantee they know what they are doing and help ensure proper handling of any challenges.

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Paving Companies Weston

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