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Asphalt is the most affordable and commonly used material for paving roads, parking lots, communities, commercial and industrial properties. Moreover, many property owners and managers do not realize there are several different varieties of asphalt surfaces to choose from, each with its own pluses and minuses. It depends on the type of asphalt paving project, there are many concerns to take into account, and you can discuss these options with our asphalt paving experts the next time you need a Paving Company Fort Lauderdale. Here’s what you need to know about the different types of asphalt in Florida.

Perpetual Pavement from a Paving Company Fort Lauderdale

Perpetual pavement is used for asphalt paving projects where the durability and lifespan of the asphalt surface are crucial. The asphalt application incorporates a multi-layer procedure to make sure that the properties surface will not require repeated and extensive asphalt repairs in the near or distant future. The first layer is a tough but flexible base material that greatly improves the asphalt pavement surface’s resistance to cracks and splitting. On top of the base layer, the asphalt contractors add an even stronger layer of asphalt that is permanent. Lastly, you have a completed asphalt surface layer, which is smoothed over evenly in order to deliver an easy ride that is free of bumps. The top asphalt surface layer is can removed easily and replaced with a resurface, thus lowering the price of future repairs.

Porous Asphalt from a Paving Company Fort Lauderdale

This variety of asphalt surface is perfect for usage in, particularly wet or rainy environments. The porous surface permits water to seep through it into an open graded bed of stone, which will then further drain the water slowly into the soil beneath the asphalt surface. Essentially, this means that you will not have any pooling or standing water on your asphalt pavement surface, where it could potentially cause deterioration and degradation that damages the asphalt surface. A porous asphalt surface is very beneficial for larger parking lots and other types of commercial properties.

Quiet Asphalt from a Paving Company Fort Lauderdale

As the name implies quiet asphalt greatly reduces the noises from busy roads. This type of asphalt surface is produced by using a stone-mix asphalt that will cut noise pollution in half, and it also works in a way that is cheaper and easier to install than expensive sound barriers. Typically, this is found in residential communities, businesses and commercial parking lots can also use quiet asphalt if they have a larger property surface.

Warm-mix Asphalt from a Paving Company Fort Lauderdale

When you use warm-mix asphalt it requires a much lower temperature to be mixed and applied to the pavement, which will make it a much more eco-friendly asphalt paving solution than the other alternatives for paving surfaces. It is also much safer to mix and apply because it emits fewer toxic fumes. Moreover, it can be applied during any season, or during the off-hours of the asphalt plant.

Hot-mix Asphalt from a Paving Company Fort Lauderdale

A great option for smaller parking lots is hot-mix asphalt because of its durable nature along with being economically feasible. What makes this asphalt surface so strong is that it can resist harsh elements and other types of deterioration and damage while allowing for a smooth and appealing surface. This is definitely one of the most popular options for those looking for a new asphalt surface.

Recommended Material for Paving Company Fort Lauderdale

The type of asphalt being used varies from client to client, depending on the project requirements and specs. Hot-mix asphalt is generally the top choice for most asphalt surfaces, but in some cases where you have heavy downpours, you might want to consider the porous type. For other types of asphalt surfaces, the warm-mix may be the best option, especially if you need to make a quick repair and the asphalt plant is not open. An initial assessment of the property will allow us to quote the best option so we can take the appropriate course of action.

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