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Atlantic Southern Paving & Sealcoating is one of the best paving contractors Greenacres provides. We deliver all necessary paving service needs.

Our services include all applicable jobs that have to do with the paving and sealcoating industry.

Proper maintenance of asphalt is necessary for its longevity. The importance of treating and maintaining it is important to keep it in proper working order and to avoid costly damage through continued use.

Sealcoating pavement is an important process to prevent water damage or keep it smooth after enduring continued use. Our paving contractors Greenacres services are for both residential private roads and all commercial paving needs.

Atlantic Southern Paving employs a team of experienced and knowledgeable technicians that have successfully handled all size asphalt jobs and know the entire paving industry in and out.
We are proud to have successfully completed thousands of commercial asphalt paving projects for clients of all sizes. Our clients include everything from small local businesses to well-known corporate franchises found across the nation.

If you’re looking for asphalt paving contractors in Greenacres that are reliable, experienced, and know-how to deliver exceptional results again and again, remember to Pave With ASP. Be sure to reach our to our local office to speak with a technician about handling your project needs or contact us to schedule a free asphalt paving estimate at your location soon!


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Atlantic Southern Paving Contractors Greenacres


Asphalt Milling Greenacres

The process that occurs just before installing a new asphalt layer or overlay. This process is sometimes repeated many times over a single surface. Our asphalt technicians use precise measurements to ensure overall accuracy. Asphalt milling services are also able to help with poor drainage issues on the pavement.


Asphalt Paving Greenacres

Our asphalt paving service applies hot mixed asphalt, which has been widely accepted as the most efficient and reliable asphalt product. We use only the highest grade asphalt materials and industry-leading application techniques, ensuring the absolute best results for your investment.


Asphalt Sealcoating Greenacres

Our asphalt sealcoating process at Atlantic Southern Paving fills voids and reduces exposure to oxygen, UV rays, and moisture. By doing so the asphalt pavement is saved from significant water damage from rain or snow. Sealcoating adds a protective layer that helps to increase the lifespan of asphalt pavement as well as enriching the overall aesthetics of the property.


Parking Lot Striping Greenacres

Parking Lot Striping is an important part of every commercial parking lot to ensure the safety and functionality for its customers. Fresh parking area stripes help to increase overall safety for visitors while improving the property’s appearance.


Sidewalk Installation & Repair Greenacres

We offer sidewalk installation and repair services for businesses and communities alike. We routinely work with Property Management Corporations and HOA boards with minimal disruption to residents. We can help conveniently deliver all your asphalt and sidewalk solutions in one place.


Other Asphalt Services Greenacres

At Atlantic Southern Paving we pride ourselves in being able to handle any paving job that comes to us. Some of the other services that apply to our paving contractors Greenacres industry are New Site Development, Catch Basin Installation, Commercial Concrete, Infrared Asphalt Repair, and Disaster Restoration Services.

Trusted in the paving contractors Greenacres community for over 25 years our team of expert professional pavers continues to lead the way in paving services.

Atlantic Southern Paving is proud to serve our entire South Florida community. Over time, we have gained local recognition for outstanding results and efficient workmanship. Some of the satisfied clients in the greater South Florida area we have been fortunate to serve are listed below.

  • The Home Depot
  • Kimco Realty Corporation
  • Association Services of Florida
  • Office Depot
  • J & L Property Management

Our Mission:

The values that set us apart as the best in paving contractors Greenacres has to offer are the foundations upon which our company was built. Family-owned and operated, we value customer satisfaction and honest pricing overall, putting forth our integrity to maintain our continued growth and success.

We understand that every job is different. Contact us for an estimate on our paving and sealcoating services. We are able to work in all commercial and private residential areas, and look forward to working with you. View our product results on Instagram at AtlanticSPaving.