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Are you considering paving contractors in Miami but are uncertain if your asphalt surfaces require repairs? As soon as the asphalt pavement is laid down, it slowly begins to deteriorate. Oxidation, dissolvement, and softening are just some of the ways an asphalt surface can begin to deteriorate. An asphalt surface without sealcoating can lose half of its thickness in only two decades.

This is primarily because of the elements that the asphalt is exposed to such as fuel and lubricants, water, and sunlight. Within a year of the original asphalt paving, the surface will begin to become pale and the binders will lose their plasticity. 

Neglecting professional asphalt repair can lead to the creation of potholes in as little as a year. Hiring paving contractors in Miami can protect your asphalt paving investment by offering professional asphalt repair and maintenance.

The following article will detail some of the signs to look for that can help determine if your asphalt surface needs repairs. If you are ready to discuss your next Miami asphalt paving project with one of the top paving companies in Florida, be sure to contact Atlantic Southern Paving and Sealcoating today. 

Signs You Need To Hire Paving Contractors

Rough Or Cracked Asphalt

Rough asphalt is best characterized by the appearance of cracks, the tops of rock or aggregate showing through, and pieces of rock coming out of the asphalt. Repairing and sealing the asphalt pavement can address most cases of rough asphalt. If the surface is particularly rough, it may require installing a new asphalt skin patch before the sealcoating is applied. 

The presence of cracks in the asphalt is another sign that it may be time to consider paving contractors in Miami. Cracks form in asphalt surfaces because of either water, changes in temperatures, or improperly maintaining the sealcoating.

The cracks will continue to grow over time increasing the amount of water that can reach the subbase. If the subbase is reached it will cause further damage to the asphalt surface including the formation of potholes.

The pressure caused by tree roots can also cause asphalt cracking. Areas of the surface with cracks present can be repaired by removing and replacing the area with new asphalt or through asphalt crack sealing.

Worn Stripes

One service that paving contractors in Miami offer is parking lot striping. The striping is the most noticeable aspect of a parking lot and is essential for safety and efficiency.

Older striping and penciling will begin to look worn over time. Old lines can also start to appear through the old sealcoating. An experienced contractor can perform asphalt sealcoating and parking lot striping to an entire parking area, approving its appearance. 

Hire The Top Paving Contractors In Miami

If you have noticed any of the signs mentioned above, it is time to consider professional asphalt services. Atlantic Southern Paving is one of the top asphalt paving contractors in Miami.

We have been providing pavement maintenance and construction services successfully for nearly three decades. Please contact Atlantic Southern Paving or call 954-518-4315 today to discuss how we can keep your asphalt surfaces looking great.

Paving Contractors in Miami 

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