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Does your business, private community or HOA, and or commercial parking lot need the services of an experienced Florida paving contractors? Atlantic Southern Paving & Sealcoating’s experienced and skilled Florida paving contractors provide asphalt paving, seal coating, and repair for any type of asphalt surface. In addition to offering asphalt paving services, we also do concrete paving, foundations, site development, and demolition work is also part of our wide array of services we offer to meet any of your paving needs. Next time you’re looking for the best paving contractors near me – Pave with ASP. 800-990-2077

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Atlantic Southern Paving & Sealcoating is a leading paving contractor that delivers complete commercial paving services for asphalt and concrete, repair, resurface, overlay, and new construction. For over 25 years, Atlantic Southern Paving & Sealcoating has handled the paving needs of Florida with our 4 convenient locations. We specialize in every phase of asphalt installation, maintenance, sealcoating, overlays, extensions, and minor or major repairs for commercial and industrial establishments, Atlantic Southern Paving & Sealcoating offers quality paving services for projects both large and small.

ASP Asphalt Paving Method

Asphalt pavement surfaces are often designed and built by using a thick course base for weight-bearing the main load above and the unbound granular layer beneath. The next step is a strong load bearing intermediate course (binder course) which is then placed over the binder base course. The intermediate (binder) course is followed by a surface course. The wearing course has a lifespan that can easily last up to fifteen to twenty years, dependant on the quality of asphalt mixture used for the surface. Eventually, the wearing course has to be renewed or replaced with an overlay, it is milled off and then reused into a new asphalt layer. When your asphalt surface is correctly designed, constructed, and maintained intermediate and base courses will remain robust, strong, and viable for many years to come, and many times your surface will not require a completely new reconstruction. If you are looking for asphalt paving contractors near me,  you have come to the right spot.

Most asphalt surfaces are not difficult to upgrade; the existing surface can easily be renewed and strengthened by the application of an asphalt overlay as opposed to having a newly constructed surface. The total price of maintaining and installing asphalt is generally very low. Having an asphalt maintenance plan will result in increased profitability considering you will not need to invest lots of capital to make sure your asphalt pavement surface is well-maintained. While all types of asphalt materials and supplies are used in paving, cracks and areas of damage can occur as time goes on, asphalt has lower odds of cracking with a regular maintenance plan.  

Atlantic Southern Paving & Sealcoating specializes in asphalt paving for parking lots of all sizes along with roadways and private communities. Parking lots and roadways are a massive investment for any business owner or community but are important because they are the first impression of a community, company, or organization for all visitors. When you have a fresh, rich, black paved asphalt parking lot with striping it sends a message that you care.

Paving Contractors Near Me

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