Private Road Repair for Gated Communities and HOAs

There are many benefits to living within an HOA or gated community. Programming, landscaping, safety, and community are just some of the qualities buyers look for. One thing that may not be at the top of their mind but that is of paramount importance is the state of the roads and walkways. Broken and cracked pavement immediately makes your property look neglected and can pose major safety concerns. These structures must be maintained by the managing body of the community as government funds cannot apply to private roads. At Atlantic Southern Paving, we are experienced and equipped to handle large scale private road repair and maintenance. Take a look at all of the ways we can help you provide the safest asphalt and concrete solutions to your residents. 


Site Development

If your community is still in the planning stages, you can turn to ASP to provide superior site development work. We begin by completely clearing the site. We will handle land clearing, soil removal, demucking, heavy hauling, and more. Next, we move on to the underlying structures such as sanitary and water drainage systems. We will masterfully install concrete sidewalks and gutters, all to ADA compliant specifications. Finally, we move on to asphalt pouring and pavement markings to complete your new developments roadwork. 


Preemptive Maintenance Measures

Here at ASP, we are sealcoating experts. What exactly is a sealcoat? It is a uniform, deep black, protective barrier that shields your pavement from mechanical, chemical, and water damage. Once set, it appears to be smooth, but it actually is quite textured and improves the friction and safety of your roads. If applied to new roads and maintenanced periodically, you can lock in pristine conditions for many years. 


Road Repairs

If you did not previously keep up with sealcoating, you may notice that your pavement is beginning to crack or break. Do not worry! We can usually find a solution to make your asphalt like new again. Due to water and temperature fluctuations, you may have long, shallow cracks along the surface of your roads. We can provide targeted crack sealing to protect against further damage and smooth the surface. If you have a larger blemish, such as a pothole, we can repair this as well. One of the methods we use to do so is infrared asphalt repair. This method results in a speedy, strong bond between the existing pavement and patchwork. 

If damage has been ignored for a very long time, we may recommend removing the top layers of asphalt to get back down to a smooth surface. This is called milling and is only accomplished with the use of specialized heavy-duty machinery. Our team is trained to safely and cleanly mill disturbed asphalt back to an even, drivable state. 


Atlantic Southern Paving And Sealcoating

ASP provides expert private road repair, maintenance, and development as well as a variety of additional concrete and support structure services. We are lucky to have happy customers spanning all 50 states and into the Caribbean. If you want to provide the absolute best to your residents, turn to Atlantic Southern Paving for all your asphalt needs. 
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Private Road Repair