Reasons to Consider Asphalt Sealcoating in North Fort Myers

Protecting an investment should always be a concern for any business interested in success. Asphalt pavement is no different. The reason asphalt sealcoating in North Fort Myers is one of the most popular commercial asphalt services is because it protects asphalt pavement while improving overall aesthetics.

The weather elements in Florida are especially harsh to asphalt surfaces. Florida’s heavy rain and UV rays from sunlight are two of the most harmful elements known to damage asphalt pavement.

The article below will outline some of the primary benefits of asphalt sealcoating. If you’re already prepared to schedule an asphalt sealcoating service in North Fort Myers, reach out to us. Atlantic Southern Paving and Sealcoating is proud to be one of the top paving companies in Florida serving the North Fort Myers community.

Benefits of Asphalt Sealcoating

In the asphalt paving community, sealcoating is often considered the most important part of the paving process. This is because asphalt sealcoating protects asphalt surfaces from harmful weather elements.

Protecting asphalt is key to preventing future asphalt repair and reducing ongoing asphalt maintenance. Asphalt repair and maintenance is possible but can become costly over time if the pavement is properly preserved.

There are many elements that are known to cause damage to asphalt pavement. Rain, UV rays, oil, fuel, and heavy use all contribute to asphalt faults forming. Asphalt faults or failures can sometimes look like cracks or be more obvious signs like potholes.

Cracks and potholes on asphalt surfaces look bad and expose foundational layers to more damaging components. When water begins to enter cracks or potholes, it begins reaching the subbase layer where it will start to wear down binders holding the asphalt materials together.

The benefits of asphalt sealcoating include:

  • Protection from layer damage
  • Reducing ongoing maintenance and costly asphalt repair
  • Reinvigorates the surface appearance to look like new
  • Strengthens asphalt to prevent cracks, potholes, and other failures from forming
  • Reduces asphalt damage caused by rain, UV rays, oil and fuel spills

In addition to the protective aspects of sealcoating, you should consider asphalt sealcoating in North Fort Myers if you can see discoloration on the pavement. Asphalt sealcoating makes pavement appear new and fresh, an appealing detail that has shown to attract passing customers.

Schedule Asphalt Sealcoating in North Fort Myers

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