Sealcoating in Fort Myers

The streets and parking lots protected by sealcoating in Fort Myers last longer, ride smoother, and look better for longer. So why isn’t every asphalt surface and pavement area covered with a layer of sealcoating in Fort Myers? This is something we often wonder at Atlantic Southern Paving and Sealcoating. Our commercial asphalt services (such as paving, asphalt repair, parking lot maintenance, and sealcoating) are efficient, guaranteed, and, most importantly, affordable.

The reason commercial asphalt paving and sealcoating in Fort Myers is so important to our team of paving contractors is that this is our home. Family-owned and operated, Atlantic Southern Paving has been operating in Fort Myers for over two and a half decades. In fact, you can find some of our completed projects from Eastwood to Dunbar, The Forum to the Bridge, and even across the water in North Ft. Myers. It is our collective passion to do what is in our power to make the community that supports us better in the only way we know how.

Sealcoating in Fort Myers | What is Sealcoating?

Though asphalt is commonly used for its durable and flexible properties, it can still be worn down over time. This wear and tear can occur even more quickly when the surface layer is left unprotected by a layer of sealcoating.

The method we use for sealcoating begins by applying a thin treatment to the surface layer of asphalt pavement. This thin, protective layer adds an extra barrier that keeps it safe from various elements and deteriorating effects.

Sealcoating in Fort Myers is often thought to be the most important aspect of the paving process. This is because it makes managing and maintaining these pavement surfaces easier, reducing future labor and material costs.

Sealcoating in Fort Myers | Benefits

  1. An improved overall surface appearance that gives a lasting “new look” to asphalt.
  2. Much less costly than major repairs and extends the life of existing asphalt pavement.
  3. Protects from weather elements like rain and UV rays from sunlight that causes natural wear and tear.
  4. Resists chemical corrosion caused by oil and gas leaks on asphalt pavement.
  5. Makes regular cleaning and routine maintenance of asphalt pavement easier.
  6. Creates a safer driving environment for those traveling on the roads or using the parking areas.

Sealcoating in Fort Myers | About Us

Atlantic Southern Paving and Sealcoating is South Florida’s number on commercial paving and sealcoating business. Our Fort Myers and Fort Lauderdale locations enable us to meet the needs of our local communities and their surrounding cities. We have over 25 years experience in commercial asphalt, paving, and sealcoating services. Take a look at our completed projects, available in our photo gallery. To schedule an appointment with our Fort Myers office, call us at 239-234-2155. Or Contact ASP for additional information. And visit to learn more.

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Sealcoating in Fort Myers