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Are you considering asphalt Sealcoating near me in Florida,  but aren’t sure if it is worth the investment? Sealcoating an asphalt parking lot is the best way to care for asphalt surfaces. Despite asphalt being a highly durable and flexible material, it can degrade over time. By applying sealcoating to the asphalt it can double its life span. Asphalt sealcoating can also reduce the likelihood of larger asphalt repair issues in the future by providing a protective layer over the surface. Continue further to learn more about the environmental threats that can deteriorate asphalt surfaces. If you want to schedule a free assessment or request a quote from the top paving contractors Florida has to offer, please contact Atlantic Southern Paving and Sealcoating

Asphalt Oxidation And The Sun

Asphalt sealcoating Florida properties are the best investment to fight against oxidation and UV rays. Asphalt begins to regress on a microscopic level from the moment that it is laid.

When the asphalt is exposed to oxygen, the binders in the asphalt begin to harden. The persisting hardening of the binder can cause the surface to become brittle and crack. Even the smallest asphalt crack will allow rainwater, moisture, and oxygen to enter the pavement surface.

If the water and moisture enter the subbase of the asphalt, it will quickly weaken and reduce the strength. Sealcoating is extremely beneficial because it protects the surface from oxidation while filling surface voids. 

How Water Damages Asphalt

Asphalt sealcoating parking lots and driving surfaces causes them to be capable of resisting water, keeping it from penetrating the asphalt surface. Water, especially constant rain, can slip into the asphalt and reach the subbase.

When water begins to penetrate the subbase, it can cause it to soften. A soft subbase can cause potholes and expensive repairs. Sealcoating the asphalt surface forms a protective layer against water. This will save you significant money in the future on costly repairs. 

Oil And Gas Spills

Asphalt surfaces such as parking lots endure harmful automobile chemicals including oil and gas. Parking spaces are noticeably vulnerable to automobile chemicals.

When automobile oil and gasoline is introduced to the asphalt, it can cause it to soften. If oil or gasoline seeps into the asphalt pavement, it can cause the subbase to deteriorate. 

Asphalt sealcoating contains additives that will protect the asphalt from automobile chemicals. Surface voids can also be filled which decreases how deep oil and gas can seep into the asphalt surface. 

Professional Asphalt Sealcoating In Florida

If you are interested in asphalt sealcoating your Florida property, it is important to hire an experienced and reliable paving contractor. Atlantic Southern Paving and Sealcoating has been providing asphalt maintenance and construction services for over two decades.

We are committed to customer satisfaction with every job we perform. Please contact Atlantic Southern Paving today at 954-518-4315 to speak with an expert about seal coating your asphalt surfaces. Be sure to also ask for a free estimate of seal coating your property. 

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