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To find asphalt sealcoating Palm Bay, local residents have an easy choice. Thanks to our successful work across the state, Atlantic Southern Paving & Sealcoating has now added a third office that provides services that include asphalt sealcoating Palm Bay along with the rest of Brevard County.

This should be welcome news to anyone looking for commercial asphalt companies in Palm Bay FL. Though there are plenty of different options to choose from, none have the experience, resources, and successful history that the ASP crew offers.

You can keep reading to learn more about why we can claim to be the best choice in asphalt paving and sealcoating Palm Bay residents can count on. Or if you are ready to go ahead and schedule a sealcoating project with our asphalt contractors, contact the local team to get started today.

The Significance Of Sealcoating

Asphalt sealcoating is one of, if not the most crucial part of any asphalt pavement surface. Without the protective layer of sealcoating, asphalt pavement is exposed to harmful weather elements – something particularly harsh in the Sunshine State.

Did you know that the UV rays from sunlight cause serious sun damage to asphalt pavement? In fact, research shows that UV rays contribute to more damage than tree roots, motor oil, and fuel spills.

If you’ve ever tried walking barefoot on an asphalt pavement surface, it’s easy to imagine why this is true. Asphalt surfaces are constantly exposed to the sunlight and are often dozens of degrees hotter than the outside temperature.

UV light actually causes asphalt surfaces to dry up, which in turn contributes to cracks in the pavement. These cracks, even the tiniest ones, are then left open for water to enter, which causes further damage and we end up with potholes or broken pavement.

Asphalt sealcoating protects the asphalt surface from all of these harmful elements and keeps pavement looking like new for longer. Less damage means fewer asphalt repairs, reducing the need for ongoing maintenance costs – something any property owner can appreciate.

Why You Should Seal With ASP

Atlantic Southern Paving and Sealcoating is a family-owned and operated asphalt paving business in Florida. The ASP team has been paving, sealcoating, and maintaining commercial areas since 1992.

Restoring our community and the asphalt that connects us to the local businesses that make it up is something we are passionate about. That’s why providing asphalt sealcoating Palm Bay properties is the same as protecting our own home.

We’ve accumulated numerous awards and recognition as a testament to our commitment to excellence. We’ve been featured in major publications like Inc. 500, Florida Fast 100, and Pavement Maintenance & Construction and The Home Depot, CVS, and The Office Depot along with various property management and realty groups are among some of our satisfied clients.

Check out our completed projects in our Project Gallery to view just what we can do. If you’d like to get a free estimate for a sealcoating Palm Bay project, call 321-408-5010 today!

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