The Importance of Asphalt Paving in Palm Beach County

A company that specializes in asphalt paving in Palm Beach County can keep your asphalt parking lot looking great and safe to drive on. Asphalt surfaces are vulnerable to the environment.

Asphalt cracks and potholes can form over time if they are not quickly addressed or if the asphalt surface is not protected. Although asphalt cracks and potholes are an eyesore, they can also cause damage to vehicles and even injure pedestrians. 

Asphalt surface cracks and potholes are caused by a variety of environmental and man-made factors. There are steps you can take that can protect the asphalt surfaces and keep them looking like new for longer.

If cracks or potholes do form, then it is important to hire Palm Beach County paving contractors to perform asphalt repairs before they worsen. 

How Cracks And Potholes Form

Asphalt surfaces are exposed to a number of harsh variables including weather, heat, automobile chemicals, and more. All of these can damage your asphalt surfaces requiring asphalt paving in Palm Beach County to repair.

The heat in South Florida is notorious and it can also slowly damage asphalt surfaces. When the temperature rises during the day, it causes the asphalt to slowly expand. Later in the day, cooling temperatures cause the asphalt to contract.

This motion occurs throughout the day, every single day. The constant expansion and contraction cause tiny cracks to form in the asphalt surfaces. Over time, the cracks will continue to grow and deepen, allowing moisture into the subbase.

Moisture, rainwater, and automobile fluids can seep into the subbase and soften it. When the subbase is sufficiently compromised, potholes can begin to form in the asphalt surface. 

The longer asphalt cracks are neglected, the more likely potholes will form. Addressing asphalt cracks when they first become apparent can save you time and a lot of money. 

Why Sealcoating Is Recommended

Sealcoating is a method of protecting asphalt surfaces from the environment and keeps them looking brand new for longer. When a company does asphalt sealcoating, they apply a protective layer to the asphalt surface and seal it in.

This protective layer keeps moisture, automotive chemicals, and rainwater from seeping into the asphalt. This is an extremely important investment if you want to save money in the long term. 

Sealcoating asphalt surfaces will keep it from being damaged and forcing you to continue paying more money for asphalt repairs. In order to ensure that a sealcoating project is done correctly, it is important that you hire a quality company that provides this service in addition to asphalt paving in Palm Beach County. 

Schedule Asphalt Paving in Palm Beach County

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