Types Of Asphalt and Which Is Best

When you have a brick and mortar business, it takes a lot to keep your property looking up to par. One frustration almost all business owners can commiserate in is the hassle of broken pavement. This causes both cosmetic and safety concerns that need to be addressed immediately. Nationwide, there is one company most trusted to tackle these concerns, and we just so happen to be based right out of South Florida! Atlantic Southern Paving And Sealcoating is the premier Florida asphalt contractor, with over 25 years of commercial experience and hundreds of happy customers. If you have questions about the types of asphalt available, our process, and the services we offer, keep reading. 

Types Of Asphalt

When researching asphalt contractors, you will probably notice that there are different types of methods employed. We often get questions about the difference between them and which is best. There are 3 types of asphalt currently in wide use: cold mix, warm mix, and hot mix. 

Cold mix asphalt does not require heating during the application process. This makes it the simplest and most affordable method, but the results typically have the shortest lifespan as cold mix asphalt is more brittle. It has been hypothesized that this is due to water being left behind in the asphalt because of the low processing temperature. For this reason, most professional asphalt contractors will avoid cold mix for larger projects and only use it for smaller, temporary repairs or when extremely cold weather requires it.

Warm mix asphalt uses minimal heat (by industrial standards) of about 200 degrees Fahrenheit to be exact. This provides a bit more flexibility in terms of usage and the resulting pavement has greater integrity than cold mix projects. It is the middle ground between cold and hot mix offering reasonable pricing and strength. However, whenever possible, Atlantic Southern Paving utilizes the superior hot mix method. 

Hot mix asphalt will result in the smoothest, strongest, longest-lasting completed pavement. It is remarkably resistant to both chemical and mechanical degradation. With a slight give that allows it to adjust to fluctuating freezing and thawing, you will get a much longer shelf life. It also has the added benefit of being the smoothest, darkest, most attractive looking option. Hot mix asphalt will provide the best results, but needs to be installed by the right technicians. Every team at ASP is highly qualified to safely utilize the tools, machinery, and materials needed for hot mix projects. 


What We Do

So know that you know what we use, what do we do? ASP is a full-service concrete and asphalt provider. Our responsive teams are there to help you with scheduled regular maintenance as well as emergency repairs. With pothole repairs, crack sealing, and sealcoating, we can keep your pavement up to par for years to come. We also have the specialized expertise to help with large scale site preparation on new projects such as shopping and office plazas, schools, government facilities, and even neighborhood developments. In addition to asphalt work, we also offer new concrete installation and ADA compliant sidewalk repairs. The supporting structural work of your property will always be in the best possible hands with Atlantic Southern Paving. Contact us today!


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