West Palm Beach Asphalt Milling

As a full-service asphalt and concrete installation company, you will never need to wonder if Atlantic Southern Paving can get the job done. We specialize in large scale parking lot paving, HOA community road installation, and ongoing repair and maintenance. We are also among the leading providers of West Palm Beach asphalt milling. Take a look at how this specialty service can help save you time and money while keeping your property beautiful and hazard-free. 

Asphalt Milling

Asphalt Milling is a process that uses special machinery to break up and level asphalt. Sometimes, you will see milling referred to as cold planing, cold milling, or profiling. The machines also have a variety of names like cold planners and roto-mills. They use hundreds of rotating metal “teeth” to break up the asphalt. Depending on your needs, milling can be a great restorative solution or the first step in a total pavement overhaul. This is one of the main benefits of milling: it is precise and can help in a variety of areas. So what do we mean by precise? 

Only Repair What’s Needed

Sometimes, a paving company will recommend you completely break up and repave your parking lot in order to get rid of hazards or unsightly spots. Now, in some cases of extreme damage, this absolutely might be required. However, this option may be presented before it’s actually necessary in a bid for a higher paying job. Often, cracks and loosening gravel are only affecting the visible layers of your pavement, while the deeper layers and foundation retain their integrity.

ASP can adjust how deep the milling machine goes, meaning you don’t need to completely remove asphalt that only has surface imperfections. Our paving contractors West Palm Beach will thoroughly inspect your pavement to ensure that we are recommending the best possible solution for your needs and budget. We can remove just one or two layers to get down to an even surface while keeping your foundation intact. This cuts down on both costs and time needed to complete the project. 

Little Down-Time

Another benefit is that milled asphalt is immediately drivable, meaning there will be very little time where you will need to restrict access to your parking lot. Sometimes, the sole reason for asphalt milling is to improve the friction of a parking lot, with only a small layer being milled. This will further save you money and boosts your reputation, as proper planning can ensure that customer service is not interrupted. 


Uneven and broken asphalt can spell trouble for your pavement’s drainage. If not properly leveled, water will not run off properly and can collect in cracks or small potholes. With water being the #1 enemy to the health of your parking lots foundation, it is important to address this issue as soon as possible. A milled pavement can be exactly graded for a slope that lets water easily move to drainage points. When possible, it is also a great alternative to a complete overhaul because any underlying drainage or pipe structures will remain undisturbed. 


As you can see, asphalt milling is a great way to tackle a variety of pavement problems from drainage, to friction, to safety. You’ll want the best of the best to perform this specialized service. With our core team Located in South Florida and a network of national affiliates, no matter where you are Atlantic Southern Paving very well might be the perfect provider for you! Contact us today about milling or one of our other numerous pavement and concrete solutions. 

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West Palm Beach Asphalt Milling