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When it comes to commercial property management, asphalt maintenance is commonly either overlooked or outright neglected. To ensure your property continues to remain safe and looking great for all your visitors, it’s highly recommended to hire an experienced West Palm Beach paving company to take care of your needs.

It’s no secret that things like potholes don’t get the same urgent response as other property repairs, like a leaking roof or broken window. Unfortunately, choosing to ignore asphalt failures on your commercial property can wind up leading to considerably more costly commercial asphalt services.

Read on to explore some of the key reasons why asphalt and parking lot maintenance are so important for commercial property managers to address. If you’re in need of paving contractors West Palm Beach can depend on or wish to request a free estimate for your commercial asphalt project, be sure to contact Atlantic Southern Paving and Sealcoating for help.

What Is Asphalt Maintenance?

The process of asphalt maintenance is applying certain methods to protect asphalt and prevent further damage from occurring. Some common asphalt maintenance services include asphalt sealcoating, asphalt repair, asphalt crack sealing, and parking lot striping.

The whole purpose of asphalt and parking lot maintenance services is to provide a preventative plan that keeps the structural integrity of asphalt pavement sound. As soon as the initial asphalt paving process is complete, the asphalt begins to slowly deteriorate.

As the binder that holds the asphalt materials together begins to weaken due to harmful elements like the sun’s UV rays, water, fuel or oil spills, or heavy use, the binder starts to oxidize. Fortunately, there are known ways of protecting the binder from the harsh and damaging elements.

Importance Of Sealcoating & Asphalt Repair

Asphalt sealcoating is commonly referred to as the most important part of any asphalt process. Sealcoating provides a protective layer to the asphalt that keeps out harmful elements like water and UV rays. On top of that, sealcoating is a cost-effective option to restore the asphalt back to its original black color and can be done routinely to keep the asphalt looking like new.

Asphalt repair services help to fix common asphalt failures as they arise to keep the asphalt from becoming more damaged. Asphalt repairs also help to ensure the pavement is safe to use for any visitors on the property. For instance, fixing potholes keeps water from entering the sublayers while ensuring nothing is damaged by hitting it.

Speak With The Top West Palm Beach Paving Company

If you’re ready to begin your project, don’t settle for anything short of the best. Atlantic Southern Paving and Sealcoating is proud to be one of the top paving companies in West Palm Beach. Our skilled technicians have the equipment, resources, and understanding necessary to ensure lasting results.

The next time you have an asphalt maintenance project, keep us in mind. Contact ASP today or call 954-518-4315 to request a free estimate.

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