Should You Repair Or Repave Asphalt Surfaces?

One of the most common questions people ask asphalt paving companies is whether they should repave or repair their asphalt surface. Even though every setting varies, there are a few signs that indicate it might be time for asphalt paving or repair. We’ll explore those signs below. If you’d like to speak to West Palm Beach paving contractors about the details for your property, contact Atlantic Southern Paving and Sealcoating today.

Common Signs Of Asphalt Failure

Any business owner or property manager should understand the importance of maintaining their parking lot or private road. For one, proper parking lot maintenance ensures the safety of customers and visitors. It also helps to improve its overall appearance.

However, asphalt pavement will naturally wear down over time. In this case, it could be time to consider West Palm Beach paving contractors for asphalt repair or repaving. Here’s what you should look for.

Cracking – Cracking is a common sign of asphalt distress that develops in various ways. Alligator cracking, also called fatigue cracking, is when asphalt cracks develop in one specific area. Block cracking is when asphalt cracks form in block shapes or rectangular patterns. Cracking also might occur along the sides or edges of roads and parking lots, in longitudinal lines, or other forms. Any of these types of cracking generally indicate asphalt failure.

Distortion – Distortions are also key indicators that there is asphalt failure. The reasons distortions develop are due to improper or unstable asphalt mixing or weaknesses in the subbase or asphalt layers. They generally present in deformations such as depressions, rutting, or upheaval.

Disintegration – Another common sign of asphalt failure are disintegrations. Disintegrations worsen over time due to heavy use and the presence of traffic. They include asphalt raveling, which develops because of poor quality asphalt mix or hardening, and potholes, which develop as a different form of distress worsens.

Should I Repair or Repave Asphalt?

The question to repair or repave asphalt pavement does not have a one-size-fits-all answer. The best West Palm Beach paving contractors will need to assess your property first to make an accurate determination. In many cases, fresh asphalt paving is the better long-term investment.

However, asphalt repairs can be a cost-effective solution if the failures are minimal. Make sure you find asphalt contractors with the experience and resources to develop a complete solution for you.

Also, be wary of paving contractors in West Palm Beach that use cheap asphalt materials. Poor-quality asphalt only causes failures to form faster, leaving you with more future repairs and maintenance costs.

Looking for West Palm Beach paving contractors for asphalt repairs or repaving? Consider Atlantic Southern Paving and Sealcoating your go-to local solution. We use the highest grade materials available and guarantee customer satisfaction. Our team of paving contractors services West Palm Beach and all of its surrounding area.

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