What Asphalt Paving Contractors in Orange County Can Do

The best way to maintain and renovate your property’s asphalt surfaces is by considering reputable asphalt paving contractors in Orange County. Asphalt surfaces age, erode, and become brittle over time as they are exposed to the elements.

Routine assessment and maintenance can keep the infrastructure secure and the overall appearance looking great. A qualified Orlando paving company will have access to high-grade materials and the proper equipment to perform a variety of commercial asphalt services.

Never settle for a poorly done job or do-it-yourself results when it comes to your asphalt surfaces. You will most likely end up paying more on expensive asphalt repair services in the future. 

Continue reading to learn more about asphalt surface defects and some of the ways licensed paving contractors can treat these defects. If you would like to speak with one of the top asphalt paving contractors in the Orange County area, please contact Atlantic Southern Paving and Sealcoating at 321-408-5010

Common Asphalt Paving Defects

Asphalt paving defects can be divided into three categories: Surface, Bond, and Structural Failures. Each one of these can wreak havoc on the integrity of the asphalt surface. It can also make the appearance of an asphalt surface look worn and ugly. This is certainly the case with raveling and transverse or longitudinal cracking issues. 

Raveling occurs when the asphalt surface loses aggregate as a result of heavy traffic from automobiles. A transverse crack is 90 degrees to the longitudinal cracks that run in the direction of traffic. The longitudinal cracks are generally caused by the shrinkage of the asphalt surface.

The next common paving defect are known as bonding failures. A bonding failure occurs in the form of slippage between two layers of the surface. This slippage causes cracks in the top layer. Over the course of time, the combination of bonding and crack failures will lead to the top layer breaking off in chunks.

Although the previous paving defects can pose a serious problem none are worse than structural cracking that includes fatigue cracking and rutting. When heavy loads cause the asphalt surface to flex up and down, it can lead to fatigue cracking.

Asphalt cracks are commonly described by paving contractors in Orange County as looking like alligator skin. Alligator cracks will continue to grow if they are not repaired in time. Rutting is a depression of the asphalt surface and will generally appear in the wheel path of traffic. 

Treating Asphalt Defects

There are a number of parking lot maintenance and asphalt repair services that can improve the structural integrity of the asphalt and enhance its appearance. Some of the services that licensed paving contractors will perform include: asphalt sealcoating, asphalt crack sealing, slurry seals, selective dig-outs, patching, and full overlays.

Whether it is fresh asphalt paving, crack filling, or sealcoating, you want to depend on a professional paving contractor. With decades of successful experience, Atlantic Southern Paving can address any asphalt paving defects in your commercial property. Please reach out to Atlantic Southern Paving today to discuss your next asphalt paving project. 

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