What Sets Us Apart From Other Commercial Asphalt Repair Companies

What differentiates Atlantic Southern Paving from other commercial asphalt repair companies in the Nation? Take A Look:

One-Stop Solution

One of the most frustrating parts of repairing or refinishing your asphalt is the delay and inconvenience it can cause for your business. This is only exacerbated when you have to wait for multiple contractors to arrive and complete a series of jobs. Atlantic Southern Paving works to lessen this burden as much as possible by offering a full range of both asphalt and concrete services with an emphasis on quality and efficiency. Services we offer include:


  • Asphalt Repairs, Milling, and Sealcoating 

As our name would suggest, we are asphalt repair and sealcoating experts. We have the most highly trained teams and use a hot-process asphalt that guarantees a safe, strong, and uniform finish. For deep cracks and breaks, we offer milling. This process removes the top layers of your asphalt until we again reach a smooth grade. This, along with a sealcoat, can act as a full resurface which is far more cost-conscious than completely new paving and just as effective. For smaller scale, more manageable damage, we offer crack sealing, infrared asphalt repair, and pothole refilling. 


  • Concrete Install and Repair

Why go through the trouble of researching, quoting, and dealing with a separate company for your concrete needs when the best concrete craftsmen are also at Atlantic Southern Paving. We offer quality commercial concrete repair and installation services to save our clients time and money. Whether you need sidewalks, slabs, bollards, parking blocks, bollards, or more we have you covered at ASP


  • Site Development 

Other than the Asphalt and concrete constructions themselves, there are many other structures that are needed in order to make your commercial parking lot safe and functional. We offer a variety of site development services including catch basin drainage, retention ponds, water systems, curbing and more. 


Consolidate your contractors, and do it with the best, when you depend on Atlantic Southern Paving for all your concrete and asphalt paving needs. 


National Network


One of the most important indicators of a successful franchised business or national cooperation is consistency. While small regional and store-to-store differences are to be expected, there is an overall standard of quality that must be met by all locations to positively reflect on the company. ASP has nationwide teams ready to help you reach this bar at each of your properties. We team up with local asphalt contractors who we train, equip, and oversee. That way you can feel good about supporting your community while knowing that you will receive consistent services. 


Emergency Services

An emergency seldom waits for a convenient time. If you are caught ill-prepared, a severe storm or disaster can wreak havoc on your business’ operation and profits. A simple call to Atlantic Southern Paving can help you eliminate all of these stressors. We offer speedy and professional emergency disaster restoration services to help make your property safe and functional again in the wake of a weather event. Our restoration service includes:


  • Felled tree and branch removal
  • Debris management
  • Signage repair and replacement
  • Parking lot and sidewalk clearing


So maybe it was a storm that got in your way, or maybe you just need some ordinary repair work. No matter the cause, you can trust ASP as one of the leading commercial asphalt repair companies in the nation. You’ll know exactly why we have earned this distinction after a quick look at our testimonials or previous work. Contact us today to request a quote!

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