Why Hire An Orlando Asphalt Contractor?

Hiring an asphalt contractor in Orlando is essential to ensuring your asphalt surfaces stay looking great for longer. They offer a variety of services that can address common issues that arise with asphalt surfaces. 

In addition to installation, there are other services that can affordably protect the integrity of the asphalt and improve its longevity. Asphalt is an extremely popular construction material for a number of reasons. 

Typically, asphalt is black in color and has uniformity similar to cement. The uniformity and color are produced from a combination of sand, filler, and bitumen. Asphalt is a highly flexible and affordable material. 

Highways, roads, driveways, parking lots, and more all utilize asphalt for its advantages and properties. Over time, even the highest quality asphalt will require maintenance and repair due to usage and the elements. 

Continue reading to learn why asphalt has remained a popular construction material and why you should rely on a professional paving contractor. If you would like to receive a quote from a professional asphalt contractor in Orlando, please contact Atlantic Southern Paving and Sealcoating

What A Professional Asphalt Contractor In Orlando Offers

Quick And Easy Installation

Asphalt is a relatively easy to install material. This ease of installation offers quick results making it a popular material for constructing roads and highways. Asphalt installation causes little disruption.

One reason why asphalt is the preferred choice when revitalizing roads and streets is because it can be installed quickly and causes less disruption. 

Impressive Durability

High and low traffic conditions pose different challenges. Fortunately, asphalt is extremely resilient in both cases. Asphalt is known as a durable material that can withstand sudden changes in the weather. 

Asphalt can be successfully used in a variety of environments from parking lots to playgrounds. Including high volume highways that carry heavy loads. 


A major advantage of using asphalt from an Orlando asphalt contractor is that it is an inexpensive material. Asphalt also takes less time to prepare because it dries up quickly. 

The affordability of asphalt in conjunction with its quick results continues to make it a popular material. This also allows it to cause minimal disruption to highways and other areas. 

Completely Recyclable

One of the great features of asphalt is its full recyclability. Asphalt is made by reusing the same materials. This allows for the preservation of natural resources and reduces the impact on landfills. 

Hiring An Orlando Asphalt Contractor 

Hiring a professional asphalt contractor in Orlando is the best way to get the most value from your next asphalt project. It is also the best way to enjoy all the benefits of asphalt listed above. 

Atlantic Southern Paving is a family owned business with over two decades of experience. Our clients include some of the most recognized and reputable businesses in the country.

If you would like to get the most out of your next asphalt paving project, please contact Atlantic Southern Paving today for a free estimate.

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